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Flexible LED Display

FD Series Flexible LED Display

FD1.56, FD1.86, FD1.875, FD2, FD2.5, FD3, FD4, FD5

Flexible led display has a creative look and feel compared to a conventional LED display screen. Made from soft PCB and rubber material, Flexible led displays are perfect for creative design & solution such as curved, circles, spheres and wave shapes etc. Custom made design & solution is more attractive with flexible led screen.
Features compact design, 2-4mm thickness and easy creative installations, HSCLED offers high quality flexible LED displays that are tailor-made to fit in your space such as shopping centers, stage, hotels and stadiums.

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Flexible LED Display
Flexible LED Display
Flexible LED Display
Flexible LED Display
Flexible LED Display
Flexible LED Display
Flexible LED Display
Flexible LED Display
Flexible LED Display
Flexible LED Display


flexible LED display

01. 360 Degree Bendable

Flexible led display module is soft and curved. Popular with curved and cylinder shapes for flexible led screen.

Thanks for its 360 degree bendable design, it can be any creative and custom shapes for tailored solutions.

02. Ultra Thin & Extremely Light

Our flexible led module is only 90g for one component. The ultra-slim body makes the whole screen beautiful and attractive.

Cost-saving design for installation & shipping with our unique flexible led screen wall

Optional cabinet solution.

Available for hanging installation

Extremely Light Flexible LED Module
creative flexible led display

03. Perfect Flatness & Good Contrast

Flatness could be adjusted with our flexible led curtain screen. Excellent visual performance with high refresh rate. High quality video & picture for HSC LED flexible led display wall.

04. Easy Installation & Maintenance

Fast & easy installation with our unique seamless splicing technology.

Front maintenance is available with 12-18 magnetics per flexible led display panel.

Flex LED Display
creative led video wall

05. Tailored Design & Solution

Module with small unit and flexbie design to do more complicated shapes for the video show.

Creative design & solution for cylinder-shape, S-shape, wave-shape, sphere shape etc.

This soft led display can be based on customer needs, design scrolling, bend, and swing a variety of effects. No cabinet metal frame, drastically deducting the screen weight

06. Outdoor Flexible LED Screen

Thanks to our continuous research and development, HSC LED has developed outdoor flexible led display module for outdoor applications. Pitch 4mm and 5mm is available. It's totally waterproof with IP68 protection and high bright. There's more possibilities with our outdoor flexible led screen module for outdoor creative digital advertising applications.

flexible creative led display.jpg


Pixel Pitch2mm2.5mm3mm4mm
LED TypeSMD1010SMD1010SMD2020SMD2020
Pixel Type1R1G1B1R1G1B1R1G1B1R1G1B
Module Size240×120mm240×120mm240×120mm256×128mm
Module Resolution128×64 Pixel96×48 Pixel80×40 Pixel64×32 Pixel
Pixel Density250,000160,000111,11162,500
Scan1/30 Scan1/24 Scan1/20 Scan1/16 Scan
View Angle120° (H)/120°(V)120° (H)/120°(V)120° (H)/120°(V)120° (H)/120°(V)
Refresh Rate≥1920Hz≥1920Hz≥1920Hz≥1920Hz
Input VoltageAC100-240VAC100-240VAC100-240VAC100-240V
Grey Level16 Bit16 Bit16 Bit16 Bit
MTBF≥ 10,000 hs≥ 10,000 hs≥ 10,000 hs≥ 10,000 hs
Operating Temperature-30 ℃ ~ +70 ℃-30 ℃ ~ +70 ℃-30 ℃ ~ +70 ℃-30 ℃ ~ +70 ℃
Operationg humidity10%~75%10%~75%10%~75%10%~75%


Flexible led display is quite suitable for large-scaled building facade decoration, glass video wall advertising and outdoor stage events. Our latest flexible LED panel project is finished in Milan, Italy. It’s a sphere LED display made with P2.5 flexible LED module for 1.2m diameter. Our flexible LED display helps attract lots of customer’s attention in the store. We can offer such creative LED display solutions for advertising.

flexible led displayflexible led screenflex led video wall

Product Documents


Q: What is a flexible LED screen?

Flexible led screen is also known as flexible led display or soft led display. It is a bendable electronic LED screen that can form uniquely shaped digital displays compared to the regular LED screens. you can make creative led screen ideas into reality with the use of flexible led display.

Q: Is a flexible led display expensive than a regular LED display?

Obviously, the price of flexible LED screens are more expensive than ordinary LED screens because the former uses more durable materials than the latter. In addition, flexible LED signage cabinets and PCB boards require more special customization. Therefore, it has more expensive value.  It should also be pointed out that the type, size and pixel value of the LED screen you need will also affect the price of the flexible LED display.

Q: What advantages of flexible LED screen compare to regular LED screen?

There are some features or advantages that regular led screen don't have. for example, bending capacity of flexible led screen to form different shapes, which is difficult for the traditional LED screens. Besides, flexible led screens are more durable than traditional LED displays because the unique materials used for flexible LED boards, so It’s helpful to withstand curving, twisting, folding and bending.

Q: What is the quality of your outdoor LED flexible modules?

Our outdoor LED flexible modules have great waterproof and safety performance. we have a complete set of outdoor LED flexible display modules for R&D, design, testing and batch production processes. So please don't worry about the quality.

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