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Stadium Perimeter LED Display

SP Series Perimeter LED Display

SP5, SP6, SP6.67, SP8, SP10

Stadium led display is perfect for sports event advertising, such as football field, basketball court, ice hockey ground etc. It's a great benefits for brand recognition with perimeter led display. Designed for indoor and outdoor applications, perimeter led board can bring the biggest exposure with grand sports show.

· HSCLED stadium led screen pixel pitch includes 6.67mm, 8mm, 10mm and customized.

· HSCLED's stadium perimeter led displays have got CE, RoHS and FCC certificates etc.

· Excellent manufacturing and fast delivery capability of outdoor and indoor perimeter led display screen.

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Stadium Perimeter LED Display
Stadium Perimeter LED Display
Stadium Perimeter LED Display
Stadium Perimeter LED Display
Stadium Perimeter LED Display
Stadium Perimeter LED Display
Stadium Perimeter LED Display
Stadium Perimeter LED Display


Perimeter LED Screen

01. Light-Weight & Slim Cabinet

Stadium led display panel is equipped with magnesium alloy cabinet with 30kg/pc only. It is 30% lighter than traditional waterproof cabinet. The thickness is assembled with only 120mm. It can be fixed, hanging and rental applications for such multifunctional cabinet. Cost and time-saving for installation and transportation.

02. 0-90° Adjustable Supporting Bracket

Cabinet viewing angle is between 60-90 degree with high flexiblity. Perimeter led display can be adjusted according to best viewing effect to enhance viewer's visibility.

Stadium Perimeter LED Display Supplier
Stadium Perimeter LED Screen

03. Rubber Module Mask and Protective Top Cover

Our led module is equipped with rubber module mask. LED could be well protected from ball hitting with such design. Special unique soft top cover design could protect players from injury even for body hitting. The design philosophy of our perimeter led board is to maximize the protection of personnel.

04. IP65 Protection and High Brightness

Special cabinet design for indoor and outdoor applications, perimeter led display is fully IP65 waterproor protection. High durability for long lifespan even in harsh environment. With brightness control at day and night, perimeter led board could be 6000-7500nits high brightness.

perimeter led board
perimeter led banner

05. Fast and Easy Installation

High precision stadium led display cabinet could be fast assembly and connection with 12 seconds. No need for professional technicans and devices. Quick setup and easy maintenance with such cabinet design.




Pixel Density22,477 Pixel/㎡
15,625 Pixel/㎡10,000 Pixel/㎡
Pixel CompositionSMD3535SMD3535SMD3535
Module Size320×160mm320×160mm320×160mm
Cabinet Size960×960mm960×960mm960×960mm
Cabinet Resolution144×144 Pixel
120×120 Pixel96×96 Pixel
Cabinet MaterialDie-Casting MagnesiumDie-Casting MagnesiumDie-Casting Magnesium
Cabinet Weight28kg/㎡28kg/㎡28kg/㎡
Max. Power900W900W900W
Ave. Power350W350W350W
Grey Scale16 Bit16 Bit16 Bit
IP GradeIP65IP65IP65
Refresh Rate>1920hz/3840hz>1920hz/3840hz>1920hz/3840hz
MTBF10,000 Hours10,000 Hours10,000 Hours
Lifespan100,000 Hours100,000 Hours100,000 Hours


Perimeter led display

01. LED Perimeter Boards

LED Perimeter Boards are a highly flexible, high impact form of match day advertising. They are the ‘Rolls Royce’ product where logos, website addresses and messages are seen on all boards at once with eye-catching clarity.

02. LED Scoreboard

Also known as electronic or digital scoreboards, LED scoreboards are brighter, longer-lasting and more energy-efficient than scoreboards lit by incandescent light. They also provide more information than traditional scoreboards, displaying player names, stats and advertising messages.

LED Scoreboard
LED Ribbon Board

03. LED Ribbon Board

An LED ribbon board display helps further amplify game day by displaying digital messages or graphics throughout the venue. Whether you’re displaying sponsor ads, game scores and stats, or important messages, an LED ribbon board ensures your fans have the ultimate game day experience.


Latest Stadium LED Screen Projects We Finished

P10 LED Perimeter Boards in Ecuador

This sport LED display is located in the largest city in Ecuador, one of Guayaquil fields. It’s a P10 outdoor LED screen with 11.52×7.68m. We made it with the best quality for NationStar LED in 2018. This LED video wall soon becomes a landmark in Guayaquil after installation.

Stadium LED Screensport LED display

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