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How to Choose the Right LED Display for Stadium

For sports venues, how to choose a suitable LED display screen? Here are some things to consider.

How to Prevent the Hidden Dangers of Renting LED Display for Stage

The causes of these accidents are related to steel structure builders, LED screen companies, and customers. So how can we eliminate the safety hazards of rental LED display screens on stages?

4 Supporting Facilities That All LED Displays Need

Today, I will explain to you what devices are included in the LED display screen and how to choose them.

4 Major Performance Indicators of Mobile LED Display

Today, the editor will explain the four most important indicators of the mobile LED display.

How to Properly Dissipate Heat for Outdoor LED Displays?

In the heat of summer, not only us, but also electrical equipment must have a reasonable heat dissipation method. So, what are the characteristics of outdoor LED screens? How to properly dissipate heat for outdoor LED displays?

Can the Indoor LED Screen Be Used Outdoors?

Some customers buy indoor LED large screens. After a period of time, the company has activities that need to be used outdoors. In order to save costs, do you want to use indoor LED large screens outdoors?

The Difference Between LED Transparent Screen and LED Glass Display

LED transparent screens can be applied to most of the glass curtain walls of buildings, and can be designed to match any part-time job.

What Aspects Should Be Paid Attention to When Choosing LED Displays for Sports Venues

LED display screens and stadiums go hand in hand, and with the arrival of this big wave of stadium construction, LED display screens will definitely have a lot to do.

LED Small-Pitch Display vs Seamless Large-Screen Splicing Screen

Small-pitch LED displays have advantages in splicing, brightness, color saturation, resolution, and application flexibility. DLP video walls have more advantages in terms of detail level and image cost. These two technologies will form direct competition in the high-end internal market.

The Core Technology of Indoor Small-Pitch LED Display

The dead light rate of the traditional LED display is tens of thousands of times in the industry standard, but the small-pitch LED small display is still not possible for the time being.

Classification of Stadium LED Screens

With the rise of sports events and the accelerated construction of stadiums in recent years, professional LED display screens have become an important facility for game information display and live broadcast of games in stadiums. Below we briefly introduce several common stadium LED screens.

Application Fields of Dance Floor LED Screens

The floor LED display used in wedding can play many roles, such as the dancing stage, reception site, and floor on the stage where the couples can stand on it. This can create an atmosphere just like a fairy tale, and make all the participants enjoy the romantic wedding.


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