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HSC LED Launches Full Production Line for DIP LED Module

HSC LED is honored to announce that we still have full production line for DIP led display and led module nowadays. Even though SMD led technology has a bigger market share than DIP led technology currently. There are still lots of customers who prefers DIP led digital billboard for the outdoor large screens. Therefore, HSC LED decides to keep and expand our production line for DIP led technology for customers from all over the world.

4K Refresh Rate P2.5 LED Video Wall for A Church in USA

We are glad to announce that we have finished a large P2.5 led video wall for a church in USA last week. It has been a great success for HSC LED and our customer together in past one month. Both of us has paid lots of attentions and efforts for this project. And finally, It is shipped in last week before strict quality inspection and control by our QC team.

How to Choose A Right Display Provider?

When looking for LED display providers, there are many factors to consider—the manufacturer’s quality, reputation, the product after-sales and so on. Let’s talk about following factors.

Shop Window LED Signage Display for Retail Advertising

Nowadays, shop window led display is more and more popular as one effective retail advertising. It can be indoor and outdoor applications. For example, shop window led screen could be inside the store and face to outside. And, it also can be for inside the window for indoor advertising. More importantly, the size is custom and flexible. We can make it compatible to your window size.

Indoor P5 Perimeter LED Display for Basketball Field in Portugal

Perimeter led display is a kind of indoor and outdoor led display which is used for sports events. It can be applied into various fields, such as basketball, football, volleyball, badminton, ice hockey and etc. It can bring a strong brand recognition for all audiences via the grand sports events. No matter indoor or outdoor sports events, perimeter led screen can make the biggest exposures.

Freestanding P2.5 P3 Digital LED Poster for Shopping Mall Advertising

Digital led poster is a kind of smart and small led display for retail advertising. Comparing to regular led screen, it is portable with wheels on bottom. What is more, digital led poster is more eye-catching and attracting than traditional led display screen. HSC LED has developed it since 2016 and launched to the market. It has been more and more popular for the advertising applications.

A 40’Container P10 Large LED Video Display Shipping to Europe

HSC LED is glad to announce that we have shipped a 40’ container to Europe with P10 LED video display last Saturday. One of our great features is creative led display, such as taxi top led display, digital led poster, flexible led display, circle led display etc. On the other hand, we also have great advantages for advertising led display, such as indoor and outdoor led display.

Creative LED display classification and characteristics advantages

With the improvement of human living standards and spiritual pursuit, people's requirements for LED displays are getting higher and higher. Creative LED displays came into being. Creative LED display, also known as special-shaped screen, is a new branch of LED display application centered on innovation and creativity.

HSC LED Launches P2.5 Hexagon LED Display

Hexagon led display is a kind of creative led display with 6 sides. It is irregular shape than other normal indoor and outdoor led display. Generally, hexagon led display is for creative advertising as it is more attracting than regular led screen. What is more, it is more flexible for custom design and solution with hexagon led screen.

What Should We Pay Attention To When Using Outdoor LED Fixed Displays?

With the continuous development of the urban construction process, outdoor LED display screens are being used more and more as a new media advertising carrier. The outdoor LED display can indeed bring a certain improvement to the image of the city, and the form of advertising is also flexible and diverse. However, there are still some matters needing attention in the use of outdoor LED fixed displays.

LED Curtain Display Installed in Kuwait

LED curtain display is one of transparent led display, which is used for outdoor digital advertising. It also has light weight too comparing to traditional outdoor led display with iron cabinets. Generally, curtain led screen is installed on building roof, facade, glass walls, and poles. On the other hand, it is a good application as stage background. The main features of curtain led wall is light-weight design, high transparency and strong windproof function. It can greatly decrease weight pressure for installation base.

HSC LED Launches P5.9 Circle LED Display

Circle led display is also called round led display, which is one of round-shaped advertising led display for retail advertising. It is round-shape with dual-side waterproof technology for better protection. Generally, circle led display is perfect for retail display and advertising, such as Starbucks, McDonald’s, KFC etc. It can help attract potential customer’s attention and strength brand’s recognition.


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