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Rental LED Display

High-Quality Rental LED Display To Boost Your Business

LED video screen rental is one of the fastest growing areas in the live production and event industries. Adding personality and dimension to your event has never been easier with rental led display.

HSC rental led screen is a serious entertainment for all events including: live sporting event, fundraisers, school commencements, concert venues, public speaking engagements, wedding led screen rentals & stage screen rentals and more! AS a professinal led display manufacturer, we offer huge series of led screen including indoor led screen, outdoor led display, led dance floor, fine pitch led display and more. All of led screens are support rental services.

As a professinal rental led display supplier located in shenzhen, HSCLED has business partners from Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Australia etc. We provide one stop services range from LED design, production, renal, fixed installation. Find more information about HSC Led display rental and contact us today! We can give the best solutions for you.

Benefits Of Rental LED Display 

There has been a massive demand for rental LED displays in the past years. Rental led screen is a fast and economic way for hosting a event and can enhance the overall experience of your audience.

Light In Weight, Thin In Structure

HSC LED rental display has hoisting and quick installation functions, it can meet the requirements of rapid fixed installation, disassembly and transportation required by the rental occasion. 

Easy To Install and Unload

The entire screen is fastened and connected by fast bolts, which can be accurate and the screen can be installed and dismantled quickly, and it can be assembled in different shapes to meet site requirements.

High Contrast Ratio and High Refresh Rate

HSCLED stage led screen could have 5000:1 contrast ratio with black SMD LED. The high refresh rate driving IC makes led video wall for 1920Hz/3840Hz refresh rate. 16 bit grey processing technology for excellent grey scale.

Indoor & Outdoor Rental LED Screens 

HSCLED is a leading led display supplier, LED screens specifically for outdoor and indoor rental are available in any applications.

Indoor Rental LED Display

Usually, indoor rental LED displays have a lower pixel rate and better resolution than outdoor rental LED displays since the audience would be closer to the LED screen display.

Indoor LED screens are typically modular since they have to fit through doors during installation. These screens are also less durable and less bright compared to the outdoor LED display rental.

Outdoor Rental LED Display

Outdoor LED screens are more durable with high brightness, as they are designed for long-distance viewing. outdoor led screen is also built with higher IP ratings because they need to survive in a harsher environment.


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