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Creative LED Display

Creative LED display Manufcturer for you

As a professional LED display manufacturer, PTCLED is dedicated to provide various led video wall solutions for different applications. Recent years, we have launched many creative LED display products. Some of them are attracting and amazing.

What is creative LED screen?

The led creative screen is also called special-shaped screen. There are many styles: arc, circle, curved surface, tetragonal hexahedron, cross screen, letter, triangle screen, oval screen, etc. Its size and size can be customized according to requirements.

Features of creative Led vedio wall

Compared with conventional LED displays, LED creative screens are biased towards users with special needs, and are currently mainly used in performing arts venues, outdoor media, exhibition hall squares and other environments. As LED creative displays have different appearances and different structures, the technical and R&D capabilities of manufacturers are also more stringent.

Breaking the large screen splicing system can only be spliced ​​into a cold rectangular shape, the led creative screen can be spliced ​​into various irregular shapes at will to display some highly creative content. Such as spherical, diamond-shaped, sector-shaped, gem-shaped, cylindrical, arc-shaped LED display screens with various irregular structures. Such a creative LED display screen can be well adapted to the overall structure and environment of the building. The size of the screen body can be customized according to certain requirements to meet the creative inspiration of the designer. The creative led screen also meets the individual needs and bring audience novel and peculiar visual experience. It is widely used in commerce, such as bars, shopping malls, squares, performing arts venues, outdoor media, exhibition halls and other high-density crowd places.

Nowadays, the tide of creative industries has rolled around the world and has become a hot spot in the field of large-screen displays. The augmented reality interactive function used by the creative LED display allows consumers to scan the LED display through their smart phone or tablet to obtain additional digital content, including videos, pictures, sounds, 3D models and other information and bring them unseen marketing experience.

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