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LED Curtain Display

LC Series

LC15, LC25, LC31.25

LED video curtain display, also called mesh led display, is one of advertising led display for commercial outdoor advertising. Usually installed on building roof, facade, glass wall and poles etc. The main features of led curtain screen is light-weight, high transparency and windproof. It can greatly decrease weight pressure for installation base. Comparing to traditional outdoor led display, led curtain display is much more cost-saving for installation and maintenance, especially for outdoor large led display.

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LED Curtain Display
LED Curtain Display
LED Curtain Display
LED Curtain Display
LED Curtain Display
LED Curtain Display


led video curtain


Light and Slim Weight with Integrated Design

LED curtain wall is aluminum cabinet with 15KG/㎡ only. It is 75% lighter than traditional iron cabinet. Integrated design for power supply and controller, the slim thickness is 60mm. Comparing to traditional outdoor led display, led video curtain display has a simple and neat cabinet for simple construction.


High Brightness and Transparency

HSC LED supplies SMD and DIP versions for led curtain wall. SMD version could be 6,500nits and DIP version is able for 10,000nits high brightness. It is also 40%-80% hight transparency for wind-resistant design.

led curtain screen
led curtain wall


Fast Installation & Easy Maintenance

Simple structure is required with flexible led curtain screen simple and neat cabinet. Led curtain screen makes fast installation with such design and solution. HSC LED curtain wall is front and rear maintenance solution. It is cost and time saving for maintenance.


Energy-Saving Technology

LED curtain screen is only 135W/㎡ for average power consumption. HSC LED employs high brightness & high efficiency LED, and high coversion efficiency power supply. It can decrease electricity cost significantly.

LED Video Curtain
led curtain display


High Durability & Long Lifespan

With integrated aluminum cabinet design, HSC LED video curtain display is up to 80% heat-dissipation performance. No need extra cooling fans or A/C. LED curtain screen is IP67 protection grade with full glue cover and waterproof rubber ring. It can withstand harsh temperature from -40℃ to 60℃.



Model typeLC15LC25LC31
Pixel Pitch:15.625mm25mm31.25mm
Pixel Configuration1R1G1B, DIP3461R1G1B, DIP3461R1G1B, DIP346
Unit Size500×1000mm500×1000mm500×1000mm
Brightness>7000 nit>7000 nit>7000 nit
Transparent Ratio(%)40%60%70%
Color Grey:16 bit16 bit16 bit
View Angle110°(Horizontal)/70°(Vertical)110°(Horizontal)/70°(Vertical)110°(Horizontal)/70°(Vertical)
Optimal Viewing Distance15-300 M25-500 M30-600 M
Reresh Rate(Hz)/Frame (Hz):1920Hz1920Hz1920Hz
Max Consumption450W350W350W
Average Consumption135W105W105W
Scan ModeStaticStaticStatic
Control method:SynchronousSynchronousSynchronous
Temperature Operating (℃).-40°~+75°.-40°~+75°.-40°~+75°
Working Humidity10%–95%RH10%–95%RH10%–95%RH
Protection Rating:IP65IP65IP65


LED curtain display-11
LED curtain display-6LED curtain display-2

Product Document


Q: How do I choose right pitches according to viewing distance?

As mesh led display is designed with large pitches from 15mm to 31mm for outdoor applications. So it's perfect for far viewing distance solutions. 15mm is better for 30 meters viewing distance. And 31mm is much cost-saving and perfect visual performance when viewing distance is far from 50 meters.

Q: I want high bright at day and less bright at night. Can you do that?

Yes, we can connect it with light sensor for automatical brightness adjustment.

Q: It'll be installed in highway. Can it be controlled remotely?

Yes, with 4G module and SIM card inside the controller, you can upload and change contents via cloud remotely.

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