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Advertising LED Display

Advertising LED Screen

In our daily life, Led advertisement display is also called by commercial led advertising screens, and it includes outdoor  advertising led display and indoor led advertising display

An advertising LED screen is equivalent to a TV monitor used to play different types of contents. It brings digital perspective to the whole area, making it look nicer and adds creativity, theme, and color. Even at a distance, viewers can see the photos, videos, ads, campaigns, and texts. Today, led display screen is the most advanced digital display option available in the market, better than any other available alternatives. LED screens have pixels working together to create beautiful images on the screen surface. These screens come in different sizes to match your varying business needs.

Best Indoor and Outdoor Advertising Led Display Manufacturer

The new era of digital age is here and its influence is getting bigger and further. More and more LED display companies and commercial advertising agencies are investing in digital LED advertising board in prime locations. Maybe it’s time to utilize the most advanced and sought-after advertising method that many of the biggest companies are currently using.

As one of the leading led video wall manufacturers, HSC indoor and outdoor LED advertising board offers the ultimate in visual presentations and high quality advertisement displaying which greatly attracts the spectator’s attention. If done correctly through superb geographic location, advanced LED display technology, skillful creative design and interactive software, both the infrastructure and the sponsor are going to benefit in gaining the attention of thousands of people a day.    Learn more information about Led display and get professional led video wall solutions from HSC LED now!

Types of LED Advertising Display

With the technology moved and advanced, advertising channels was greatly changed. Every firm believes led advertisement displays is the best way to attract the audience and stimulate their consume desire.

Transparent LED Screen

Transparent led display is also called see through led display with high transparency and brightness. It can be applied into indoor and outdoor applications, such as shopping mall, restaurants, building facade and rental etc. Transparent led video wall is designed and perfect for transparent glass window advertising.

Outdoor Advertising LED Display

Outdoor advertising LED screen is your best accomplice in advertising along with commercial buildings and business establishments with an outdoor fixed installation. HCS provides outdoor fixed led displayoutdoor led totem screen and outdoor dip led video wall. Outdoor Led screen could be one side or two sides with tempered-glass for better protection. 

Indoor Advertising LED Screen

Advertising can also be showed in indoor locations such as shopping malls, hotels, and restaurants. Because people also like to gather indoor as the high temperature or rainy day. Indoor advertising led display screen can be used to display promotional videos or as a big screen to watch TV or corporate content. It's high refresh rate & perfect visual performance, fast installation & easy maintenance.


Benefits of Indoor & Outdoor LED Advertising Display

Along with the rapid development of LED display technology and the purchasing cost reduction, commercial LED display screen is the best media solution for brand promotion and advertisement campaign. Here are the unparalleled advantages of indoor and outdoor advertising LED screen compared with traditional media.

Rich and diverse advertising contents

As a digital display billboard, led advertisement panels can display any type of advertising content such as text, images, videos, TV signals, camera signals, etc. The entire commercial LED display can be split into several parts to display different content. The commercial value of this advertising location can be maximized.

Better quaility and Wider audience

Digital advertisements on LED billboards are more likely to be seen and impressed by potential customers. The high brightness and bright colors of the LED display make the quality of advertising content better, leaving a strong visual impact on people passing by. Easier to reach more potential customers and better brand promotion.

Intelligent advertisement management

The LED advertising screen management software can upload dozens or hundreds of advertisements and run automatically as planned. You can customize the playing order and playing time of each advertisement. This greatly speeds up your return on investment.

Durable and profitable

Advanced and mature LED technology makes the service life of LED billboards more than 100,000 hours. For outdoor outdoor LED screens, it can withstand any severe weather conditions and has excellent stability. But for outdoor print ads, the frequency of replacement is relatively high. In the long run, LED advertising screens are more profitable and more economical.

HSC has very comprehensive product lines for both indoor and outdoor commercial advertising, no matter it will be installed like V-shaped, curved or any other shapes, our products could be customized to realize it.               

Applications of Indoor and Outdoor LED Advertising Screen

For different display and publicity purposes, there are also many skills in the installation position of the led advertising display. Find the best places you should be installing and lighting up your LED video wall for advertising.  Discover the best places you should be installing and lighting up your LED video wall for advertising.     


Shopping center is the most popular place for people to consume. It becomes the ideal place to display your compelling advertising content to persuade shoppers to try your product or service.


The stadium is a venue for concerts and important sports events. This is another place that can accommodate a large number of people. Therefore, LED digital screens for advertising can bring benefits to your brand and business.

Airports And Transport Terminals

Airports and transportation hubs are the entrances for many people to go anywhere. This means that a large number of tourists and passengers stay, wait and rest at the airport. When you put your advertisement on the vedio wall, it can get wide browse.

Restaurants, Hotels and Retails

Advertising LED display can help your business be more easily discovered. You can also use them to entertain customers and showcase promotions and your other services. Because they display information in eye-catching colors and brightness, they can attract your customers more effectively.


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