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HD Digital LED Poster

DP Series LED Poster Display

DP1.6, DP1.8, DP2, DP2.5, DP3

Digital LED Poster, as a smart LED display, also called digital roll-up led display and led banner, is widely used in rental and commercial displays to replace traditional folding banners. Our digital led poster series are designed to provide attention-grabbing, high contrast images at nearly any viewing distance with 3mm pixel pitch, which can delivers vibrant and colorful content visualization for viewing from 6-8 meters. We also offer P2 and P2.5 led poster to meet different applications.

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HD Digital LED Poster
HD Digital LED Poster
HD Digital LED Poster
HD Digital LED Poster
HD Digital LED Poster
HD Digital LED Poster
HD Digital LED Poster
HD Digital LED Poster
HD Digital LED Poster
HD Digital LED Poster


LED Poster (1)

01. Ultra Slim & Light Weight Digital LED Poster

Custom made & slim aluminum frame and high precision cabinet design

Only 1mm for ultra slim frame and 2mm bezel for connecting together, which is almost invisible with good contents

LED poster display is easy transport with wheels on bottom

The LED poster is also light weight design with 30kg per piece

02. Plug & Play Digital LED Poster Signage

Plug & Play Solution via USB, the LED poster can automatically play video, pictures, text, and other programs

once you connect the plug without repeating software settings and other work.

Simple setting, unique design, and user-friendly software, LED poster is an LED display product that is very suitable for end-users to use.

digital led poster2
P3 led poster (1)

03. Single & Multiple Units for Digital LED Poster

LED poster display can work individually for a single screen or together for a bigger led screen

High refresh rate and perfect visual performance

Built-in video processor for led poster display

6pcs for a 16:9 golden ratio screen

10pcs for a HD 1080P screen

04. P2/P2.5 Higher Resolution LED Poster Display

P3 smart LED poster is the best-seller model

It's enough for regular events and applications

P2/P2.5 LED poster is much higher resolution and clarity

It's better for high-end markets and applications

digital led posters (1)
led poster display

05. Digital LED Poster with Multiple Control Solutions

LED poster display supports HDMI/LAN/WiFi/USB Control

With built-in synchronous and asynchronous controller, the LED poster can be living streaming for events, or advertising media player without PC

Supports Windows system PC & mobile App(IOS/Android)

4G module controller for remote control(Optional)

Audio/light sensor is also available for more intelligent control

06. Flexible Installation for Digital LED Poster

Creative led poster display supports multiple installations

Freestanding: no need extra structure, more easier and simpler

Hanging: from the ceiling for shop window advertising

Wall-mounted: perfect for indoor advertising applications

Horizontal applications: wider viewing angle

digital led poster
P3 led display poster (1)

07. LED Poster Display for Creative Splicing

The digital LED poster supports flexible and creative splicing, such as vertical, horizontal, special and unique design

It also can be custom made solution according to your project

08. Broad Applications for LED Poster Display

Digital LED poster is perfect for retail, events, trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, stages, concerts and etc, such as shopping malls, shop window, restaurants, airports, stations, museums, cinemas, showrooms, bars, conference rooms. The LED poster is more popular and attracting with digital advertising than traditional roll-up. It can increase your sales for 35%-50% with more potential customers

led poster-25 (1)
packing protection for led poster display

09. Better Protection for Packing

The LED poster display has flight case and strong honeybox case for packing. It both can protect digital LED poster well for delivery. Flight case is better if you want them frequent transport for events, trade shows, exhibitions, and rental business. Strong honeybox case is ok if it's for your own use and no need for frequent transport.

10. Integrated Software & Hardware Solution

No matter for hardware, and also for software, our led banner both supplies integrated solutions. Each led banner display has own media player for individual use and multiple units applications. When working together for a big screen, there's no need for extra video processor. With such design, it not only can save cost and time, but also it's much easier and user-friendly for customers. For integrated hadrware design and solution, we make it as light as 28kg only.

LED Poster.jpg


Model TypeDP2DP2.5DP3
Pixel Pitch2mm2.5mm3mm
LED TypeSMD1515SMD2020SMD2020
Pixel Type1R1G1B1R1G1B1R1G1B
Module Size320×160mm160×160mm192×192mm
Module Pixel160×80 Pixel64×64 Pixel64×64 Pixel
Module Size640×1920mm640×1920mm576×1920mm
Screen Resolution320×960 Pixel256×768 Pixel192×640 Pixel
Viewing Distance≥2m≥2m≥2m
Brightness800 cd/m²1,000 cd/m²1,000 cd/m²
Viewing Angle120° (H)/120°(V)120° (H)/120°(V)120° (H)/120°(V)
Case MaterialAluminumAluminumAluminum
Grayscale16 bits16 bits16 bits
Video Frame Rate60 Hz60 Hz60 Hz
Refresh Rate≥3,840Hz≥3840Hz≥1,920Hz
Drive Mode1/40 Scan1/32 Scan1/32 Scan
Input VoltageAC90-240VAC90-240VAC90-240V
Life Span≥ 100,000 Hours≥ 100,000 Hours≥ 100,000 Hours
MTBF≥ 10,000 Hours≥ 10,000 Hours≥ 10,000 Hours
Temperature Operating (℃).-40°~+75°.-40°~+75°.-40°~+75°
Working Humidity10%–95%RH10%–95%RH10%–95%RH
Power ProtectionOver-current/Over-voltage protectionOver-current/Over-voltage protectionOver-current/Over-voltage protection


No matter for commercial such as shopping malls, airports, stations, supermarket, hotels or rental such as performances, competitions, events, exhibitions, celebrations, stage, HSC Led can provide best digital led poster for you. Some clients buy LED poster for own use, and most of them do LED poster rental business. The following are some digital LED poster cases from our clients.

Window LED Poster Display-4 (1)led poster screenled poster-53 (2)

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Q: What advantages of digital LED Poster compare to Common LED Display?

A: Both LED poster displays and LED screen displays are excellent digital tools to advertisement and promote your brand and messages. But LED Poster displays has more unique avantantages and features.
Easy moving: Led poster displays can be easily moved in any location without needing any tools or equipment. Moreover, you can also adjust and set the working time of these screens, making sure when it needs pause and when it should run – without keeping your eyes on it.
Easy operation: you just need to press a single button and easily operate your poster display without any technical issues. Moreover, LED posters allow multiple installation methods to meet your every advertising and event display needs.
Multiple Media Option: Led poster display has multiple media options such as graphics, videos, and other vivid creativity options; all available in the setup options of a poster screen.

Q: Is an LED poster display cheaper than a regular LED display?

A: Yes, digital LED poster price is generally cheaper than other LED displays. There are some factors that highly determine the pricing of a poster display screen including specifications, Raw materials and core technologies and The enterprise production costs. However, if you are looking for a great digital advertising option for your business or brand promotion with limit budget, LED posters are a good choice for you.

Q: How big are LED posters?

A: The standard size for an LED poster is 640mm (width) and 1920mm (height). And we also provide led poster of 768×1920mm and 576×1920mm size. If you want different size, we offer customization according to the user’s preferences including sizes and colors.

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