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HSC LED specializes in creative LED display and solutions, such as taxi top LED display, digital LED poster, flexible LED screen, circle LED sign and tailored LED screen & integrated solutions. It’s also a great benefit for us with custom-made solutions and projects.

Our creative LED display is widely used for exhibitions, conferences, events, entertainments, airports, hotels, banks, shopping malls etc.

Thanks to our complete and great supply chain, we can make more popular and affordable commercial LED display and solutions for our customers all over the world.


20+ Years in LED Display Industry.

12 Years

Integrated solutions for LED video wall with professional teams.

“Quality & Service Priority”.

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      Production Process

      HSC LED specializes in led display research & development, production, sales and services. We focus on each process of led display production with 100% quality control and checking. The one below is our flow of production and quality checking policty.

      SMT Production Line

      Complete production line for LEDs and ICs

      Reflow Oven Production Line

      Endured and tested led module with high temperature reflow oven machine

      Screw Fixing

      Screw fixing for mask for better protection

      LED Module Test

      100% LED module test and checking before delivery and assembly

      LED Panel Assembly

      Complete cabinet assembly with LED panel, power supply, controller and cables

      LED Screen Test

      LED screen test for 72 hours before delivery

      Our Strategy

      Manufacturing Capability

      Thanks to our complete and great supply chain, we can make more popular and affordable commercial LED display and solutions for our customers all over the world. Our customer service is unparalleled with our great sales and technical service teams.

      We aim to provide the fastest delivery time in the industry. 


      HSC LED is contributed to support and bring values to small and middle-sized enterprises. The communication process with them will be simpler and smoother, which can effectively save communication costs. Correspondingly, our support will be greater.

      For example, we can provide free installation and structural drawings for the project.

      Compared with small and medium-sized customers, we are oriented to customer requests and services for long-term cooperation and win-win strategy.

      Quality Policy:

      For the company, the most important matter is the satisfaction of the clients and the people who are part of the Team, like the suppliers and the distributors who work under the principals of Total quality or Excellency. HSC LED autofinance themselves and reinvest their benefits in the development of the business.

      Strategical Objectives:

      Distribute digital signage and display for the professional sector, in order to provide the best service and a specialized technical assistance for customers. Establish an aggressive sales tactic and a strong interest for the product to promote the sales actively. Have a strong financial situation and excellent credit.

      Future Plans:

      Future plans of HSC LED are gathered in a policy containing the following trademarks of the company: serious and hard team work, introduction of the new products and technologies. As well, it will be a new reorganization of the distribution net, to have a better efficiency, grow up in geographic expansion, and offer the best service to our clients. To reach our goals we have a young but experienced and passionate team, with a lot of motivation and devotion, who provides all the information and meet the demands required by our customers.


      We’re honored to declare that our LED screen has got CE, RoHS and FCC certificates etc.

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