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Tailored Solutions For Custom LED Display

One-stop Solutions For Custom LED Display

As a reliable Custom LED display manufacturer in china with vast experience in custom led display solutions and applications, HSC LED is able to provide full solutions
for your custom led display screen. From consultation to designing and manufacturing of custom Led display , we are always to offer constructive advice and solutions for your led display custom shapes.

1.What is custom shape led display?

Comparing to regular shape led displays, such as square and rectangle shapes, all other irregular shapes is custom shape led display. It can be pentagon, hexagon, circle, sphere, cube, triangle, LED letter displays and etc.

2.What is the applications for custom shape led display?

Generally, all normal applications is suitable for custom shape led screen. Taking cost into consideration, regular led displays is preferable for such normal applications. On the other hand, all irregular applications is perfect for custom shape led displays. Or it has limitations for size, design, shapes or other custom projects, such as exhibition hall, museum, club, school, stadium, metro station, airport and so on. It will be more attractive for audiences with such custom shape led display.

3.Why chooses custom shape led display?

Sometimes, the installation locations has limited the possibilities for regular led displays. In such situations, we prefer to choose custom shape led screen. Or customers would prefer to make creative led displays for excellent designs and shapes.

4.How does HSC LED make custom shape led display?

As one of the largest manufacturer for custom led displays in China, HSC LED is honored to offer complete and integrated solutions for customers. From the beginning of inquiry, our sales team will communicate with customers for their specific demands, such as design, shapes, sizes, applications, installation locations and so on. With the help of tech team, we will also provide demo drawing for customer’s checking and confirmation, and quotation will be sent too at the same time.

It will come to production when customers finalize all project details. We will also update customers for our production status for the whole process. Our quality team will check and test it carefully when production is finished. Detailed photos and videos will be shared too for confirmations again. It is a new beginning when customers receive them and start installation process. Our tech supports and team will be there too for on-site or remote supports. Or you also can find helps from our local distributors. We will set it up for control systems too and make it ready for customers.

Custom Cases

Custom led display is different from regular led display. Regular led display has all standard specifications, sizes, shapes and etc. However, custom led display is a kind of led display which is irregular for all specifications and values. Custom Led display is evaluated, designed and manufactured with all custom values, sizes and shapes. Generally, custom led vedio wall is applied into creative design and projects with great flexibility. The biggest feature for custom led screen is no limitation for design, sizes and shapes. Our custom Led display design team will help you choose the right LED screen type, size, shape and pixel pitch to make all creative and fantastic ideas into reality.

Custom Cases

Custom Cases

Custom Cases

Custom Cases

Custom Cases

Custom Cases

Custom Cases

Custom Cases

Custom Cases

Custom Cases

Custom Cases

Custom Cases


Rich Experience for Custom Manufacturing

HSC LED has been manufacturing led display in 2012 and custom led display since 2015. We have finished lots of regular and custom led screens in the past 10 years. With broad knowledges and experience, we're honored to offer the best quality custom Led displays.

Effective Team Work

In HSC LED, we have a young and passionate team. It's effective communications between ours and customers, also internal team communications. It can ensure we have a quick and fruitful talk with customers.

Fast Delivery Time

Generally, from first communication, design, production, sample, to mass-production, it will take 20-30 days for custom led screen. For some urgent projects, we're devoted to make it shorter within 20 days with great passion.

Excellent After-Sale Services

HSC LED has been in LED display industry for over 12 years. We value, respect and pay attention to every customers and partners. With our excellent services and help, we are much easier to help customers convince end-customers and win for projects.

Please feel free to let us know if you need any help, we will provide a professional guidance for you !

Creative Design and Shapes

No matter how magic or fantastic your ideas is, HSC LED is able to deliver what you want to express.

For past custom led display projects below, you can see what we have done for customer's creative ideas and thinking.

Flexible LED Display-110.
Flexible LED Display-114
custom led display screen
Flexible LED Display
custom Led video wall
custom led display
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