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Triangle LED Display

TL Series

Pixel Pitch: P1.8mm, P2mm, P2.5mm, P3mm

Triangle LED display is a kind of triangular shape led display with 3 sides. HSC LED offers such triangle led screen for creative and stunning design, in order to get unique visual experiences. Our triangle led panel can be spliced into hexagon, diamond, pyramid, round, triangle and other polygons for custom shapes and solutions.

Triangle LED display can offer custom and creative display solution which stands out from traditional square and rectangular screens.

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Triangle LED Display
Triangle LED Display
Triangle LED Display
Triangle LED Display
Triangle LED Display
Triangle LED Display
Triangle LED Display
Triangle LED Display
Triangle LED Display
Triangle LED Display
Triangle LED Display
Triangle LED Display


Triangle LED Module-1.jpg


Unlimited Triangle LED Module

The triangle led panel is able to create lots of irregular shapes, such as triangle, hexagon, diamond, pyramid, round and other polygonal screens. It's really great to design unlimited and creative led displays which is more attractive for potential audiences.


Seamless Installation

Triangle led display can be seamless connection and installation for a perfect visual performance. It can ensure a smooth surface and flatness for a better visual experience.

Triangle LED Display-1.jpg
Triangle LED Display-38.png


High Contrast

Our Triangle LED Module eliminates the mosaic phenomenon, offering outstanding color uniformity and high contrast. Combined with its luminous brightness, the Triangle LED Module guarantees vivid and vibrant images that will captivate your audience


High Refresh Rate

All models triangle led screen can be 3840hz high refresh rate which is flicker-free for camera shooting. This excellent performance ensures that all contents is presented for the best. Make it unforgettable visual expenrience for all audiences

Triangle LED Display-32.jpg
Triangle LED Display-45.jpg


Stable and Reliable

The Triangle LED screen is made by distributed scanning and modular design techniques for exceptional reliability and stability. This means it's very stable and reliable to perform consistently and presents the highest quality images and videos without worrying about technical issues.


Outdoor LED Cube Display

HSC LED also offers led cube for outdoor applications with front service solution. It also can be 4, 5 or 6 sides. Outdoor led cube display is high bright & waterproof too. Pitches is available from 3.91mm to 10mm and custom sizes.

Cube LED Display-54.jpg


Pixel Pitch2.5mm3mm4mm
LED TypeSMD2121SMD2121SMD2121
Pixel Density160,000 Pixels/㎡111,111 Pixels/㎡62,500 Pixels/㎡
Cabinet Size320×320×58mm576×576×58mm300×300×58mm
Cabinet MaterialIronIronIron
Cabinet Weight8kg12kg4.5kg
Viewing AngleH: 160°; V: 160°H: 160°; V: 160°H: 160°; V: 160°
Input VoltageAC100-240VAC100-240VAC100-240V
Max. Power550W/550W/㎡550W/
Ave. Power200W/200W/㎡200W/
Working Temperature-20℃~+50℃-20℃~+50℃-20℃~+50℃
Working Humidity10%—90%RH10%—90%RH10%—90%RH


cube led display casecube led screen case

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