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Sphere LED Display

SP Series

Pixel Pitch: P1.56mm, P1.7mm, P1.8mm, P2mm, P2.5mm,

P3mm, P4mm, P5mm, P6mm

Sphere LED screen, also called led video ball, is a kind of creative led display which could be seen from 360 degree. Spherical led screen is perfect for creative design & solution, which is for museum, shopping mall, conference room, events, exhibitions etc. Sphere led video display is custom made size & solution. It is more attractive and eye-catching with sphere led display panel.

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Sphere LED Display
Sphere LED Display
Sphere LED Display
Sphere LED Display
Sphere LED Display
Sphere LED Display
Sphere LED Display
Sphere LED Display


Sphere LED Display-67


Seamless Splicing

Our Led video ball adopts trapezoidal circuit design. Perfect for good flatness and seamless splicing with our sphere led screen. It's high refresh rate and color uniformity for excellent visual performance with our led video ball


Uniform Tapping

Sphere LED screen supports uniform tapping technology. The visual performance is not distorted with such sphere led display technology. It can keep the most vivid picture and video quality for our led video ball

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Easy Control & User-friendly Software

Synchronous & asynchronous mode

Live broadcasting & autoplay without PC

WiFi & USB control; Plug & Play solution via USB disk

HDMI is available for controller and video processor

Spherical led display screen can work 24/7 hours


Various Applications

Led video ball is perfect for all kinds of events, shopping mall, museum, front desk, company decoration and etc. It's also perfect for club and stage's lighting effect with sphere led screen.

Sphere LED Display-93
Sphere LED Display-51.jpg


Fine Pitch Spherical LED Screen

HSC LED offers most common pitches from 2mm to 4mm led video ball. And more, we also have developed fine pitch spherical led display for 1.56mm, 1.7mm and 1.8mm successfully. For any custom projects, HSC LED team is devoted to provide best solutions with custom led sphere display technology


Outdoor Spherical LED Display

Thanks to our team's great efforts and technology development, HSC LED finally has got success with outdoor spherical led screen for outdoor applications. It's totally waterproof for IP68 protections and high bright. Pitches is from 5mm, 6mm to 10mm

Sphere LED Display-99.jpg
0.8m P2.5 Sphere led display-5.jpg


Custom Sizes LED Video Ball

We already have many standard sizes for our indoor and outdoor led spherical screens from 0.6m to 3m diameter. The most popular diameters is 1m to 2m with P2, P2.5 and P3 sphere led display. On the other hand, HSC LED offers more flexibility and possibility for custom pitches and sizes for Led video ball


Flexible Installations

Our led spherical display is compatible with lots of installation methods. It can be freestanding design with base, or hanging installation from the ceiling. Wall-mounted solution with bracket is also feasible

Sphere LED Display-59.JPG


Pixel Pitch2mm2.5mm2.5mm3mm3mm
LED TypeSMD1515SMD2121SMD2121SMD2121SMD2121
Pixel Type1R1G1B1R1G1B1R1G1B1R1G1B1R1G1B
Total Pixel1,002,314 Pixel638,700 Pixel1,968,348 Pixel202,000 Pixel1,637,850 Pixel
Total Area4.52㎡4.52㎡12.56㎡1.82㎡19.63㎡
Refresh Rate≥1920Hz≥1920Hz≥1920Hz≥1920Hz≥1920Hz
Input VoltageAC100-240VAC100-240VAC100-240VAC100-240VAC100-240V
Grey Level16 Bit16 Bit16 Bit16 Bit16 Bit
Lifespan100,000 hs100,000 hs100,000 hs100,000 hs100,000 hs
Operating Temperature-30 ℃ ~ +70 ℃-30 ℃ ~ +70 ℃-30 ℃ ~ +70 ℃-30 ℃ ~ +70 ℃-30 ℃ ~ +70 ℃
Operationg humidity10%~75%10%~75%10%~75%10%~75%10%~75%


Our LED video ball mainly for outdoor usage, such as commercial advertising, mobile media, night club, entertainment events, business establishments, can install in banks, stock exchangecenters, bus station, schools, telecommunications, customs, stadiums, studio, shopping, malls, railways, airports, harbors, etc.

Sphere led display-33.jpgSphere LED Display-57.JPGSphere LED Display-70.jpg

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Q: What's the lead time approximately if I order led sphere display from you?

Generally, the lead time is 30 days if it's out of stocks. We also keep some stocks for most popular models and sizes, such as 1m P2.5. We recommend you could arrange the order in advance if there's upcoming event with led video ball.

Q: What's your warranty and service policy?

We offer 2 years warranty for free technical supports and repair service. It's better to buy extra spares for backup. And you can send back those defectives for our repair if it's not working.

Q: Do you support customization for led sphere screen?

Yes, we can offer custom solutions for pitches and sizes for our led spherical display.

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