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Front Maintenance LED Display

FM series

Pixel Pitch: 3.91mm, 4.81mm, 5mm, 6mm, 6.67mm, 8mm, 10mm

Front maintenance led display is also called front service led display. It means led modules can be removed and serviced from the front or front open cabinet design. This solution could be applied into both indoor and outdoor applications with wall-mounted installation and no space for the back. HSC LED offers front service led display with fast installation and maintenance design. Good flatness & seamless connection.

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Front Maintenance LED Display
Front Maintenance LED Display
Front Maintenance LED Display
Front Maintenance LED Display
Front Maintenance LED Display
Front Maintenance LED Display
Front Maintenance LED Display
Front Maintenance LED Display



Front Service LED Module

The pitches for front service led module is from 3.91mm to 10mm. It's usually applied into big led screens without maintenance channel on the back side. For far viewing distance and big sizes, 6mm-10mm is better solution; for short viewing distance and small sizes, 3.91mm and 4.81mm is recommended. Front service led module can be serviced and maintenanced from the front. It's much easier and can save time for installation and repair.

Front Service LED Module-1.jpg

Front Service LED Screen


Front Service LED Screen

It's more easier and convenient for small sizes led screen with front service solutions. The cabinet is designed to open from the front. It can be single or double-side led displays too. It can be modular led screens with freestanding and hanging installations. Or the sizes and pitches could be custom.


High Brightness and IP65 Protection

Outdoor front service led display could be 6500nits high brightness. It has crystal quality for image and video even under direct sunlight. HSC LED supplies dual-side waterproof technology for led module with high standard IP65 protection.

outdoor fixed led display
custom led screen


Custom LED Screen

It can be flexible size and custom shape according to customer's project for outdoor front service led screen. Neither too big or too small. Front service solution is much better if there's no space for the back.


Strong Adaptability

With dual-side waterproof technology for led module, HSC LED is proud of its long lifespan and durability for outdoor front maintenance led display. It also can be die-casting aluminum cabinet for harsh climate and environment.

outdoor led screen
Front Maintenance LED Display


Low Power Consumption

Outdoor front service led display is energy-saving led module, which can decrease 30% power consumption than regular one. It can save electricity cost signicantly especially for big led screen.


Easy Installation & Maintenance

The installation and maintenance for outdoor front service led screen is fast and easy. It supports front & back maintenance with T-tool. No need professional device and technician.

front service led display
led video wall outdoor


Synchronous and Asynchronous Control

For small led screen, asynchronous control is more preferred by most customers. As it's much easier software and management and can display contents without PC. It supports APP control via WiFi or USB for plug & play solution. For big led screen, synchronous control is more popular as it 's a big TV monitor.


Model nameFM-P5FM-P6FM-P6.67FM-P8FM-P10
Pixel pitch5mm6mm6.67mm8mm10mm
Module size160×160mm192×192mm320×320mm320×320mm320×320mm
Module Resolution32×32 Pixel32×32 Pixel48×48 Pixel40×40 Pixel32×32 Pixel
LED TypeSMD2727SMD2727SMD2727SMD3535SMD3535
Pixel configuration1R1G1B1R1G1B1R1G1B1R1G1B1R1G1B
Gray scale16 Bit16 Bit16 Bit16 Bit16 Bit
Horizontal viewing angle140°140°140°140°140°
Vertical viewing angle140°140°140°140°140°
Driving method1/81/81/61/51/2
Frame frequency50~60Hz50~60Hz50~60Hz50~60Hz50~60Hz
Refresh rate1920Hz1920Hz1920Hz1920Hz1920Hz
Operating voltage110-220V110-220V110-220V110-220V110-220V
Working temperature﹣20℃~+60℃
MTBF>10,000 hours
Life span>100,000 hours
Control systemNova/Linsn


Front Service LED Display-47
Front Service LED Display-17

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