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What Are The Features Of The Round LED Display?

The circle LED display screen uses an asynchronous control card, which supports all kinds of video and picture formats, such as MP4,JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.

How to Choose a Stadium LED Display?

What catches your attention when you go to watch sports events? Is it the area where the game is played or the type of floor? What about LED screens? If your answer is LED screens, here are some details about them.

What Are The Requirements For The Led Display In The Sports Events

In two months, the 2022 Winter Olympics will be held in Beijing, and the Olympic flame that carries the Olympic spirit will be lit there. With the advent of the Olympic Games, various sports stadium facilities have been completed one after another. In these gymnasium facilities, sports LED screens are indispensable for this event.

Which LED Display is Better, Mobile or Wall LED Screens?

A mobile LED screen is an LED display built out on a steel frame and mounted on an open or enclosed trailer. The display system is also equipped with hydraulic lifting and rotation.

Which LED Display is Better, P10 Or P16 ?

The LED display is an electronic engineering product, and it is call LED p2 p3 p4 in the industry, so what does such a LED display P mean? This problem is too elementary for people in the LED display industry.

What Factors Are Determining The Price of LED Poster Display

LED poster stands come with a variety of features. A person can choose whether they want their poster to be portable or if they want it to be stationary. The price also has an impact on the types of LED posters that are available. When you buy one of these devices, there are some things that you should consider so that you know what you will spend your money on.

What Are Differences Between Led Poster Screen And Common Led Screen

When it comes to marketing your business or brand, LED display screens are one of the most suitable options in the market. However, these screens are present in various varieties in the market. From a LED poster screen to advertising LED screen and much more, the variety of LED screens for promoting your brand in a unique and yet, anticipating way is present in a wide variety.

What Are The Applications Of Led Poster Display

The market share of LED poster has increased largely since it appeared in the commercial display market. The poster LED has its own special advantages over other kinds of information medias today as a typical information carrier integrated both advertising and entertaining functions. It can attract people’s eyes at once because of the elegant appearances with a sense of technology, appropriate displaying performances in any applications, etc. For people who are feeding with information bombs everyday, it can be a competitive method to impact people and play other roles more than an advertising LED screen.

What is an Digital LED Poster?

Display your brand's advertising messages in a modern, alternative way with this Digital LED Poster. This crisp digital screen is able to play stunning visual displays that draws passing customers and visitors towards your business. An LED display consists of flat panels that uses light-emitting diodes as pixels to create high quality image and video displays that stands out compared to smaller traditional printed signage.

The Advantage of Rental LED Display

Rental LED screen is a special kind used for stage performance and artistic activities. Generally, it appears in the form of rental, so it is named rental LED screen. It is widely used in stage, singing and dancing parties, press conferences, exhibitions, stadiums, theaters, auditoriums, conference halls, multifunctional halls, conference rooms, performing halls, discos, nightclubs, high-end entertainment discos, etc.

How Indoor Fixed LED Display Benefits You

The indoor fixed LED display is a screen made up of high-quality material for exhibiting and presenting various demonstrations. In other words, a LED display is a video display screen and a fine ornament to the area where it is kept, whether it be an office room or any other area. It is usually installed and supported using a standard iron cabinet with a durable build and lightweight.

Why Transparent LED Displays Are So Popular?

Transparent LED Display Screen, just as its name suggests, is LED display screen which is similar to glass with the function of lights going through. Its permeation ration ranges from 50% to 90%, while its thickness is only around 10mm. Its high permeability has close relations with its special materials, structures and install methods.


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