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What Are the Main Applications of Indoor LED Screens with Small Pixel Pitch?

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The development of LED screens has been advancing steadily, and with the improvement of production technology, the pixel pitch of indoor LED screens is becoming smaller and can now be less than 1mm. The image display effect of these small pixel pitch indoor LED screens is much better than conventional LED screens, but their price is higher. Many people want to know where small pixel pitch LED screens are most suitable for use. In this article, we introduce the common areas where small pixel pitch LED screens are used.

Small pixel pitch LED screens usually refer to screens with a pixel pitch below P2. In some special fields where the display screen requirements are high, small pixel pitch screens can perform well. A P2 LED screen is suitable for viewing at around four meters, but if you get closer, there will be ripples and blurring. For a P1.5 screen, the optimal viewing distance is around 2-3 meters, and the smaller the pixel pitch, the closer the optimal viewing distance.

The article discusses the following four areas where small pixel pitch indoor LED screens are commonly used:

LED Screens with Small Pixel Pitch

Conference rooms:

Small pixel pitch screens are in high demand in conference rooms, whether they are large conference centers or small meeting rooms in ordinary business units. Unlike LCD splicing screens on the market, LED screens have a seamless display effect, which provides a better visual experience.

Exhibition halls:

The exhibition industry has been growing rapidly in recent years, and the demand for LED screens is gradually increasing. Small pixel pitch LED screens, as large commercial displays with good indoor display effects, are favored by many exhibition halls. They can be used to demonstrate product information, various advertising activities, and promote sales or brand awareness, leaving a deep impression on customers.

Big data processing platforms:

With the advent of the era of big data, large screens are needed as terminal display platforms for information gathering, resource integration, and decision-making. This provides a reliable basis for workers to process data and make decisions. For example, the data processing center of a listed company can make decisions and changes based on market fluctuations, the situation of their own products in the market, and other factors.

LED Screens with Small Pixel Pitch

Monitoring centers:

Monitoring is needed in building city safety systems, traffic command and dispatch centers, disaster warning centers, and other fields. Small pixel pitch indoor LED screens are required because conventional LED screens cannot meet the actual demands and applications of modern times.

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