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Car Rear Window LED Screen: The Small Screen For Big City

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An LED screen is unexpectedly becoming popular in the society, especially when it comes to outdoor media display.


An LED screen is being used for advertisement and is popping up in diverse places like gas stations, billboards, banks, cars, and more.


Car rear window LED screen is a new method of outdoor advertising media while on the move.


The car rear window LED screen is designed as a transparent in-vehicle advertising media that attracts attention from passersby.


In comparison to the traditional LED screen, the transparent car rear window LED screen is more expressive and creative in displaying content.


The use of a car rear window LED screen will not obstruct the view or light on both sides, thereby enabling the drivers to see behind their vehicle.

 car rear window LED screen

The advertising will be more appreciated when the vehicle is on the move.


Therefore, whenever you need to use the outdoor media as a means of advertising, do get a car rear window LED screen from a reputable manufacturer.


Features of Car Rear Window LED Screen

The following are the features of a car rear window LED screen:


1. High Transparency and Brightness

The transparency of the car rear window LED screen is up to 75% for clear image quality.


The high transparency enables drivers to see traffic behind their vehicles because they do not block the view and light on the interior and exterior sides of the vehicle.


The brightness of the car rear window LED screen is up to 5000nits and the contents on the screen are vivid while under direct sunlight.


The use of a car rear window LED screen is not limited to any weather condition.


2. Low Power Consumption

The average power consumption of a car rear window LED screen is 110W per panel.


It is connected to the car battery for power, this ensures longer working hours.


The energy-saving circuit design helps to achieve the low power consumption and will not shorten the life span of the car battery.


3. Ultra-Slim and Lightweight

The thickness of a car rear window LED screen is only 30mm while the weight is 1.5kg.


4. Surface Protection

The use of acrylic material to design the car rear window LED screen helps protect it from any form of collision from the environment.


5. Multiple Control Options

To ensure easy and convenient operation, the built-in software of the car rear window LED screen supports GPS, Wi-Fi, and USB.


Another control option is the 4G network and the computer control method.


With the help of the build-in software, vehicle tracking, program sending, remote controlling, and more can be easily accomplished.


6. Wide Application

The car rear window LED screen can be used in various car windows; this can be achieved with the use of different brackets.


Although the screen might not cover the entire rear window of some vehicle.


The installation of the car rear window LED screen is easy and flexible; the installation is done from the inside of the vehicle’s rear window.


The screen stops operating at such time as the vehicle is switched off.


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