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What Are the Precautions for Rental LED Screen for Stage?

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LED rental screens have become increasingly popular for various commercial events, such as dance parties, product launches, exhibitions, sports stadiums, theaters and more. Especially in stage rental, the aluminum-cast design of LED screens makes them lightweight and easy to install. Additionally, LED screens offer high resolutions, compatibility with control systems, and ease of operation. However, there are several important factors that need to be considered when it comes to rental LED stage screen. HSC LED shares seven key considerations below:

Choose a Reputable Company

Selecting a company with a professional LED rental team is crucial. The display screen quality must be top-notch, and the after-sales service should be efficient and timely.

Book in Advance

LED screens often require advance booking to ensure availability during the event time frame.

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Confirm Equipment Quality

Rental prices for LED screens vary depending on rental duration, screen size, and type. Properties such as uniformity, brightness, viewing angles, color gamut, and dead pixels can all affect the performance of the screen during an event. Therefore, it is essential to confirm the quality of the equipment beforehand.

Determine the Right Shooting Distance

Different LED screens with different dot pitches and fill factors require different shooting distances. For example, if the dot pitch is 4mm and the fill factor is 60%, the ideal distance between the subject and the screen is between 4-10 meters.

Ensure the Right Environment

LED screens are composed of control boards, switch power supplies, and light-emitting devices. The lifespan and stability of these components are closely related to the working temperature. If the actual operating temperature exceeds the specified range, the lifespan of the products will be shortened, and the products themselves will also be seriously damaged.

Hire Professional Technicians

It is recommended to hire professional technicians to install, configure and operate the equipment to ensure that it works properly and meets event requirements.

Ensure Equipment Safety

Follow necessary safety measures during installation and use of LED screens to avoid any safety hazards.

In conclusion

By keeping in mind these key considerations during LED stage screen rental, you can ensure safe and effective usage, reducing the risk of safety accidents and ensuring a successful event. For more information about rental LED displays, kindly contact us today!


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