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3 Major Differences Between Outdoor LED Display And Indoor LED Display

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The application scope of LED display is expanding continuously. As a new type of information dissemination tool, LED display has been widely used in various industries. As an external visual medium of the computer, the LED large-screen display has the functions of real-time dynamic data display and graphic display. The characteristics of long life, low power consumption, and high brightness of LED light-emitting diodes are destined to make them the first choice for large-screen information display applications. But at present, some people do not know much about the difference between outdoor LED display and indoor LED display. As a professional LED manufacturer, we will explain the difference between the two.

 indoor LED display

Different environment

Indoor LED displays generally do not need to have waterproof and fireproof requirements due to the location of use, while outdoor LED displays pose challenges to the adaptability of products in various environments due to the diversity of use environments. The outdoor LED display screen is a system produced by combining the results of the research on the external environment and applying it to the preliminary design in the early stage and the maintenance and repair in the later stage. It is mostly used in large outdoor squares, such as government squares, leisure squares, commerce, advertising information boards, commercial streets, railway stations, etc. The indoor LED display is much better than the outdoor environment. It is not affected by high temperature, and there is no special requirement for waterproofing. The indoor LED display has high requirements for air humidity. In the southern part of my country, it is necessary to strengthen ventilation measures in the season of returning to the south. Maintain a dry environment before and after the indoor LED display screen.


Different brightness requirements

The strong outdoor light leads to higher brightness requirements for outdoor LED displays. Outdoor LED displays are generally placed in the sun and exposed to direct sunlight. The LED manufacturer reminds that if the brightness is not handled well, or if there is reflection, the viewing effect will definitely be affected.


Suitable for different viewing distances

The higher the pixel, the clearer the display and the larger the information capacity it can contain, so the closer the viewing distance is. The requirements for pixel density outdoors are not as high as indoors. The viewing distance is far, so the pixel density is low, and the point spacing is larger than indoors.

 outdoor LED display

Are you looking for indoor LED display or out door LED display?

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