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4 Types of Outdoor LED Screen

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LED displays are the cutting edge of digital outdoor marketing. Enjoy eye-catching designs, long-lasting performance and energy-efficient investments by choosing the right types of outdoor LED displays. Discuss each option with our team to see how you can update your existing signage or kick off a startup with cutting-edge advertising.


Don’t settle for anything but an LED outdoor display. Outdated lighting options can’t keep up with the energy efficiency of LED. Whether you’re looking for a temporary sign or a permanent display for your commercial location, these types of outdoor LED displays represent the pinnacle in outdoor advertising.

 rental led display

Rental LED screens

What about those who do not want to have static types of outdoor LED display? For these occasions, the best choice is a rental LED display. This type of product is characterized by being easy to assemble, lighter and designed for safe and efficient transport. This type of product is the one that is usually used for events and talks at fairs and conferences that need a screen placed outdoors due to lack of space in the enclosure. They are also used to broadcast of sporting events, such as a football final or also for concerts and music festivals.


Now that you know more about all the types of outdoor LED display, you can choose the one that best suits your needs. In Visual Led, a company specialized in the field of LED displays, you will find a technical team of advisors who will guide you throughout the manufacturing process of your LED screen.


 Outdoor LED Display


Although there are different places to place outdoor LED billboards, the truth is that the most common place is to find them on the roofs of the most central buildings. This is a good opportunity for communities of neighbors and companies that are dedicated to selling advertising spaces, since advertising LED billboards allow you to play video, something that until recently was impossible, and with the highest quality.


The great profitability of this type of LED display is due to the incredible visibility that these types of spaces offer, with many advertisers choosing this format to advertise their products or services. In some cases, they are even the same companies that use billboards to advertise.


This type of screens, like the vast majority of outdoor LED displays, are prepared so that they can operate 24 hours a day thanks to a system that ensures that the weather conditions do not affect its visibility. This means that the lifespan of the screen will be very long, regardless of the climate changes.


 Outdoor LED Display

LED signs and signboads

A variant of the previous one is the signboard, an essential element in any retail business. While before, signs and signboards worked as simple posters that decorated the facade and announced the name of the store, today they can be much more dynamic. Digital LED signs allow you to play video, being able to create animations and even showing the most outstanding products that customers will find inside. In fact, the possibility of adding moving content will also attract much more attention from passersby efficiently and with minimal energy consumption, since this system consumes 80% less than the classic neon or fluorescent light sign. But this is not all, since they will be visible even in the sunniest days, all thanks to its brightness regulator system.


Advertising banners

Businesses can also benefit from this new era of digital advertising thanks to LED banners. While, previously, this type of sign that is usually placed at a certain height on the facade of a business could only reproduce a static image and its commercial name, it has many more uses nowadays. Very popular in stores, it is a good way to make your business visible. In addition, its versatility allows you to present interesting information for the user, such as time or temperature. As well as being easy to install and manage, specialized companies such as Visual Led will also facilitate the design of the content you want to play if you wish.




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