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Can the Indoor LED Screen Be Used Outdoors?

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With the continuous improvement of audience participation, the design of venues is becoming more and more sophisticated, and the competition rules are becoming more and more standardized. In addition to serving as a carrier of information dissemination, LED display screens use light and music to enhance the atmosphere of the scene. Displays have also been made to make the game more transparent.

Although the Chinese team missed the World Cup, in the face of huge LED display market demand, China's LED display companies have come out on top and made their debut, earning enough face for China.

Some customers buy indoor LED large screens. After a period of time, the company has activities that need to be used outdoors. In order to save costs, do you want to use indoor LED large screens outdoors?

Customers who think like this don't understand LED screens. Today we can give you a positive answer. It is unrealistic to change indoor LED large screens to outdoor use. The reason is as follows.

outdoor LED display

1. Brightness limitation.

Indoor large LED screens do not require high brightness and use a dynamic scanning circuit. Outdoor LED large screens have higher brightness and are static scanning circuits. There are differences between the two hardwares.

2. Water resistance is limited.

The indoor large screen structure of the LED electronic display does not need waterproof or simple waterproof treatment, while the outdoor LED large screen requires high waterproof treatment. During the production process, the cable and the box should be waterproofed, so the requirements for the box structure itself are different.

3. Sight distance limitation.

Indoor large LED screens require a short viewing distance, and the models are generally P3, P4, P5, and P6, so the area is generally small, within 15 square meters; while outdoor LED large screens require a long viewing distance, the models are generally P10, p16, and P20 , so its area is relatively large, generally more than 30 square meters.


Therefore, when you want to replace the light box and other hardware accessories outdoors, it is easy to wear out due to the difference between the raw material of the light box, so it is not easy to wear out when you want to replace the light box and other hardware accessories outdoors. Therefore, we recommend not to change it arbitrarily. To learn more about LED displays, please contact us directly.


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