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Factors To Considered For Buying Fine Pitch LED Displays

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LED fine pitch display is a hot product in the industry, and it is widely used in security monitoring, command centers, high-end conference rooms, high-end hotels and other scenarios. So, do you know the necessary knowledge when buying a fine pitch led display?

Comprehensive consideration of dot pitch, size and resolution

Dot pitch, size and resolution are several important factors for people to use small pitch LED displays. In actual operation, it is not that the smaller the dot pitch and the higher the resolution, the better the actual application effect, but the screen size, application environment and other factors should be comprehensively considered. The smaller the dot pitch of the small-pitch LED display product, the higher the resolution and the higher the price. Users should fully consider their own application environment and program budget when purchasing products, so as to avoid the dilemma of spending a lot of money but not achieving the expected results.

small-pitch led display

Take into account maintenance costs

When industry users choose small-pitch LED display products, they should consider not only the procurement cost, but also the high maintenance cost. In actual operation, the larger the size of the screen, the more complicated the maintenance process, and the maintenance cost will naturally increase accordingly. In addition, the power consumption of small spacing is not easy to be underestimated, and the operating cost of large-sized and small-pitch LED displays is generally higher in the later stage.

Signal transmission compatibility is important

The indoor signal access of fine pitch LED displays has the requirements of diversification, large number, scattered locations, multi-signal display on the same screen, and centralized management. Equipment must not be taken lightly. In the LED display market, not all fine pitch LED displays can meet the above requirements. When purchasing products, one should not pay attention to the resolution of the products one-sidedly, and fully consider whether the existing signal equipment supports the corresponding video signal.

 small-pitch LED displays


In terms of price, because the spacing of LED lamp beads becomes smaller, the LED lamp beads we install are more dense, and the requirements for small-pitch LED displays are very high, and the heat dissipation, circuit or power supply is compared with other LED displays. High, and at present, the technology of small-pitch LED display is still in the development stage, and it is not very skilled, which causes the price of small-pitch LED display to be abnormally expensive, but as the technology of small-pitch LED display becomes more and more As we become more skilled and our production capacity increases, our prices will also drop. Just like the mobile phones of the past, the price was very expensive when they first came out, but when the mobile phones flooded the market, they were so worthless.


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