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Five Characteristics of Mobile Bus LED Display

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In recent years, the LED display industry has developed rapidly, and the continuous improvement of LED display technology has made the LED display industry more competitive in the market, and the scope of application has become more and more extensive. The so-called mobile bus LED display is an LED electronic display that can be moved and played through the vehicle body. At the same time, with the loose changes in the control policies of vehicle-mounted display screens in various countries around the world, and the successful pilots of domestic bus full-color advertising screens in many cities, the vehicle-mounted LED display market has ushered in a booming new year. Compared with other types of display products, what are the characteristics of automotive LEDs?

mobile bus LED display

New media can effectively attract the attention of consumers.

People have a natural curiosity about new things, and putting high-quality advertisements on new media can establish a good first impression in the minds of consumers, and grasp the psychology of consumers to achieve better advertising effects.

Mobility balances the number of viewers and viewing probability.

The bus has a fixed driving route, and the passengers on each route are relatively balanced within a fixed period of time, while the taxi tends to the densest crowd, which maximizes the audience area of on-board advertisements.

Strong visual impact

The installation height of the vehicle display screen is within the effective range of the viewing angle of the waiting person, which can achieve a strong visual impact.

Low cost

According to the statistics of Quark Market Research Company, among the mainstream media in the country, the average cost per thousand people of magazines is the highest at 20.8 yuan, followed by TV advertisements at 20.64 yuan, newspaper advertisements at 10.28 yuan, radio advertisements at 4.43 yuan, and body advertisements at 1.19 yuan. Taxi LED ads are just a few cents.

High contact probability and stable contact frequency

On-board display advertisements on buses and taxis are the media with the highest contact probability and the most stable contact frequency among all consumers.

At present, automotive LED display products are mainly divided into the following categories:

1. The full-color graphic and text playback LED display on the bus. This product is mainly used for orderly grooming in the car and policy propaganda tips.​

2. Full-color advertising LED display on the bus. This product is mainly used in the rear of the bus to play various pictures, texts and videos to the outside of the bus, mainly for commercial advertising.

3. Taxi roof LED advertising screen. The display is installed on the top of the taxi and is mainly used for commercial advertising.

4. Truck mounted LED display. The product is installed in trucks and mid-sized car compartments and is mainly used in the entertainment rental market.

mobile LED display

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