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The Selection Of The Mobile LED Screen

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As a new type of mobile advertising, the vehicle-mounted LED advertising screen has attracted much attention from the advertising media industry due to its day and night visibility and ease of operation. What are the common vehicle-mounted LED advertising displays? How to choose them

Choose according to the carrier

1. Taxi LED advertising screen: LED bar screens are mostly installed on the roof or rear window screen of taxis to scroll and play text advertising information.

2. Large LED screen for trucks: The large truck body is converted into a full-color LED display, which displays advertising information in high-definition and displays video content richly.

3. Bus LED display: used to display street signs on buses, mostly single and double colors.

mobile LED display

Choose according to the way of advertising

1. Serial port type/U disk type: When the number of cars is small, or the content of the characters is not changed frequently, such as the display screen of the bus station. When changing the content of the LED screen, you need to connect the computer with a serial cable to change, or save the content to be changed in a U disk first, and then plug it into the USB interface of the screen.

2. GPRS type: When the car reaches a certain number, it will be very troublesome to change the content one by one. Or it will be very troublesome to change the content of the characters frequently, so it is more convenient to use the computer remote control directly.

3. GPS type: GPS type and GPRS type are the same in advertising, but because of other functions of GPS, it brings a lot of convenience to the management of taxi companies. Since GPS will take satellite time at any time, GPS is much better than GPRS LED screen in terms of advertising synchronization. Ad synchronization can be accurate to the second.

Choose according to the color

1. Monochrome: generally have red, yellow, blue, green and white light colors, mainly used for taxi display advertisements, and road sign information on the front and rear sides of the bus;

2. Two-color: two-color display, mainly used for the functional LED screen of the bus;

3. Full-color: Other types of car bodies mainly display full-color advertising information, the screen area is large, the cost is high, and the advertising effect is better.

mobile LED display

Choose according to the LED lamp bead point spacing

1. P6: dot pitch 6mm, generally used in taxi LED advertising screens, with delicate display and visual distance of 10-40m

2. P7.62: The horizontal point spacing is 6mm, the vertical point spacing is 7.62mm, and the visual distance is 30-60m

3. P10: The spacing between LED lamp beads is 10mm, which is widely used in bus screens

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