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How to Choose the Right LED Display for Stadium

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With the spirit of sports permeating people's daily lives, more and more people are getting involved in the sports events industry. The sports market has become a trend for global consumption upgrade, creating enormous commercial value for various industries.

For sports venues, how to choose a suitable LED display screen? Here are some things to consider.

LED display screen types

Detailed application scenarios should be considered. For example, apart from narrow-pitch LED display screens, indoor sports venues (such as basketball courts) commonly use adjustable lifting-shaped screens that consist of several small screens that can be vertically moved and contracted into one large screen suitable for broadcasting various events.


LED display screen protection performance

Heat dissipation is often criticized for sports screens, especially for outdoor screens in changeable climates. High flame-retardant and protection levels are essential for outdoor screens. Generally, IP65 protection level and V0 flame retardant grade for wire are ideal choices, and a built-in heat dissipation fan is better.

Particular attention should be paid to outdoor sports events held in China's unique and changeable climatic environment, such as coastal areas in the south where moisture resistance is emphasized, high-altitude regions where cold resistance is required, and desert regions where heat dissipation is a concern. In these areas, screens with high protection levels are necessary.

LED display screen brightness, contrast, and energy efficiency

The brightness requirements for outdoor sports display screens are higher than those for indoor screens, but the larger the brightness value, the less suitable it is. For LED screens, brightness, contrast, and energy efficiency need to be comprehensively considered. Choosing a high-efficiency design LED display product can ensure safety, stability, and longevity.

Installation of LED display screens

The installation position determines the installation method of the LED display screen. When installing screens in sports venues, considerations should be given to whether the screen needs to be on the ground, wall-mounted, or embedded in the wall, and whether it supports front and back maintenance, as well as the difficulty of installation and maintenance.

Viewing distance of LED display screens

As a large outdoor sports venue, consideration needs to be given to users observing at middle and long distances. Generally, displays with larger pixel pitch, such as P6 and P8, are common for outdoor sports venues. Indoor audiences have a higher density and closer viewing distance, making displays with smaller pixel pitches, such as P4 and P5, more suitable.

LED display screen viewing angle

For sports venue audiences, due to different seat locations, the viewing angles for the same screen are scattered among each viewer. Therefore, choosing an LED display screen with a wide viewing angle can ensure that every audience member has a good viewing experience.

LED display screen high refresh rate

Choosing a display with a high refresh rate can ensure smooth video transitions during large sports event broadcasts, creating a more comfortable and natural visual experience for viewers.


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