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How to Prevent the Hidden Dangers of Renting LED Display for Stage

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In recent years, safety accidents involving rental LED display screens on stages have occurred from time to time. Either the steel structure of the stage collapsed and injured people or the rental LED screen collapsed, or a short circuit caused a fire accident on the LED screen. The causes of these accidents are related to steel structure builders, LED screen companies, and customers. So how can we eliminate the safety hazards of rental LED display screens on stages?

Structural design

The construction of a rental LED screen stage requires the use of a steel structure, which is the stress point that supports the entire display screen. Therefore, it plays a crucial role in the use of the stage. If the steel structure is constructed unreasonably or not firmly, it may cause collapse accidents. Ordinary box bodies are much heavier than new materials such as die-cast aluminum box bodies, carbon fiber, sodium-meter high-polymer unique materials, and magnesium alloys, and are also more complicated to install. Therefore, most stage rental screens choose easy-to-install and lightweight box bodies, which can greatly reduce the load-bearing capacity of the LED display screen support steel structure and truss to be more secure and reliable.

In addition, the installation method of the rental LED screen on the stage generally uses hoisting or stacking methods. The LED rental company must strictly abide by the layer limit of stacking and hoisting and select durable building materials and correct installation methods. Generally, spectators and actors will be around the stage, so special attention should be paid to the structural safety design. Furthermore, the stage rental screen is usually installed on the same day or reserved for a few days of installation, and the installation cycle is relatively short, and there is no long time reserved to check whether the screen body is firm. If the box body connection has rapid inspection capabilities, it can save a lot of time to check other safety hazards. In addition, after installation, it is necessary to check whether the box body is tightened or installed in place to avoid safety accidents.

rental LED display screens

Basic maintenance

The LED display screen itself has the function of repeated cyclic use. Therefore, after countless installations and disassembly, the LED rental screen may have more or less faults. Therefore, LED rental companies need to provide professional training to some operators to analyze and deal with some common faults, familiar with installation and commissioning, control systems and video processors, and check some supporting equipment to ensure the stable and safe operation of the LED rental screen.

Design and manufacturing processes

The stage rental LED display screen may work under direct sunlight during the day, and the larger the screen area, the higher the heat. Therefore, it is necessary to solve the heat dissipation problem. It can be achieved by installing floor-standing air conditioners or large fans for heat dissipation; otherwise, internal security risks of the screen body may occur. When designing and manufacturing LED display screens, manufacturers should pay special attention to issues such as heat dissipation, waterproofing, and brightness of outdoor rental LED screens.

Selection of kits

If it is for specific environments or occasions, the kit needs to select some flame-retardant materials. If a mask without flame retardancy or fuel injection is selected, the mask may twist or crack under high temperatures, or the color of the mask is inconsistent, causing color blocks or image distortion on the screen.

Wire selection

Regardless of the product, its quality varies. The same applies to wires. Some wire spools on the market are copper-clad aluminum wires, which look very similar to copper wires on the surface but are actually copper-aluminum composite wires. Such wires can only be used for general temporary use lines. If they are used in formal products, they may cause safety hazards. In addition, attention should also be paid to the copper quality, insulation layer, and wire diameter size of copper wires. Generally, the wire diameter requirement should be configured above 1.2 times the peak power of the LED display screen. Poor-quality wires may cause electric leakage and electrical shock accidents. It should be noted that the larger the screen area, the greater the power consumption, and the higher the requirements for the stability of the wire's electrification. Therefore, LED rental companies should choose wires that meet national standards when purchasing wires.


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