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Introduction To The Installation Method Of Outdoor LED Advertising

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As a typical representative of outdoor applications of LED displays, outdoor LED billboards are suitable for many fields due to their advantages of convenient maintenance, energy saving, stable and reliable operation, etc. Basically, there are many forms of common LED displays, but no matter which one, good color performance is a beautiful scenery in a prosperous city.


Installation steps for outdoor LED display

In order to make better use of outdoor billboards, the installation and commissioning process is crucial. For technical construction personnel, understanding the skills of outdoor construction and advertising screen maintenance will effectively promote the enterprise's advertising and information dissemination, which is what technical construction personnel must be familiar with. Specifically, the installation of outdoor billboard LED display has four links: site survey, equipment construction and installation, debugging and use.

When making some outdoor LED billboards, wall advertising screens, hanging advertising screens and roof advertising screens should be distinguished. In the actual installation process, according to the distance and height, the crane and the hoist are used for hoisting in sections, and the above-mentioned personnel should cooperate with each other. For high-altitude LED advertising screens, there are better installation and use procedures. In the construction process, safety and meticulous operation are the first requirements.

Of course, as an excellent LED display builder, installation alone is not enough. The main supporting structure of outdoor LED billboards is usually made of steel. In an open environment, due to the influence of temperature, humidity, harmful substances and other factors, it is very easy to be oxidized and cause corrosion. Severe corrosion can greatly reduce the load-bearing capacity of steel members. Therefore, being familiar with some maintenance and reinforcement methods is also one of the tasks of construction personnel.

 outdoor LED display

Let's also share the maintenance and reinforcement methods of outdoor LED billboards.

Foundation expansion method

Set up a concrete enclosure or reinforced concrete enclosure, increase the base area of the outdoor advertising LED billboard, and change the uneven settlement of the foundation caused by the small base area and insufficient bearing capacity of the billboard.


Foundation pit support method

Excavate the foundation pit directly under the foundation pit support, and pour concrete.


Pile foundation underpinning method

Pile foundations such as static pressure columns, driven piles, and cast-in-place piles are set at the lower part or both sides of the billboard foundation for foundation reinforcement.


Grouting underpinning method

Inject chemical slurry into the foundation evenly, solidify the original loose soil or cracks through the cement slurry, improve the bearing capacity of the foundation, and prevent water seepage and leakage.

There are two common ways to correct the basic deviation of outdoor billboards.

Forced landing correction method

Take measures to prevent more settlement on one side of the outdoor LED billboard foundation, and take forced landing measures on the other side. The forced landing methods include: loading steel ingots or stones, building cantilever beams, digging soil for forced landing, and water injection for deviation correction.

 outdoor LED display

Lifting rectification method

In the part where the foundation of the inclined billboard has a large settlement, adjust the lifting amount of each part of the billboard so that it rotates along a point or a straight line in the general plane to achieve the purpose of restoring the original point.


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