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What Are the Installation Methods of LED Transparent Screen

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The installation method of the transparent screen is much more convenient than the display screen of other common cabinets. Most of the transparent screens are lighter and thinner, and the structure is lighter. So, what are the installation methods for the transparent screen?

In different installation environments, the installation methods of LED transparent screens are also different. The common installation methods of transparent screens include hoisting, fixed installation, and base installation, the most common of which is hoisting for stage choreography, exhibition halls and other fields.

LED transparent screens

Floor base

There are many common in glass windows, exhibition halls, etc. For example, the height of the screen body is not high, and it can be simply fixed at the bottom. If the height of the screen body is high, it needs to be fixed up and down behind the screen body to realize the fixation of the screen body.

Frame installation

Composite bolts are used to directly fix the box frame on the glass curtain wall keel without any steel structure, and it is mainly used in the field of architectural glass curtain walls.

Ceiling mount

It is mainly used for indoor strip screens and frame structure screens and can be used for hoisting. This installation method must have a suitable installation location, such as where there is a beam lintel above. Standard hangers can be used for the indoor concrete roof, and the length of the hangers is determined according to the site conditions. The indoor beams are hoisted by steel wire ropes, and the outdoor and the screen are decorated with steel pipes in the same color.

Suspended installation

Wall-mounted installation can be used indoors, requiring concrete beams on the solid wall or at the suspension. Outdoor installation mainly relies on steel structure, and there is no limit to the display area and weight.

The above four are the common installation methods for LED transparent screens. According to different application scenarios, the type of transparent display screen selected will be different. Even if the installation method is different, it will be flexibly changed according to the actual situation of the site and the design requirements. No matter which installation method is used, the steel structure used in the LED transparent screen is very small, and it only needs to be carried out on the installation point or installation surface.

transparent LED display

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