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What Is the Difference Between LED Transparent Screen and Conventional LED Display?

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With the continuous development of display, transparent screen interaction makes the display more creative. Transparent screen interactive display is a new type of display method based on transparent display screen, with touch and software video.

Conventional LED screens and transparent screens are both types of LED displays. The LED display is a general term. Why is the conventional LED display called conventional because this is the original design of the LED display and is very commonly used. At present, the structure, shape, control, use and other aspects of the LED screen on the market are conventional, and there are many applications, so it is given a conventional name. The design principle of transparent LED screen and conventional LED screen is the same, and the transparent screen is developed on the basis of conventional LED screen. So what are the advantages of transparent LED screens compared with conventional LED screens?

 transparent display screen

Unprecedented visual touch and new experience

Compared with the conventional LED display, the transparent screen can bring unprecedented visual touch and new experience to users. Because the transparent screen itself has the characteristics of screen and transparency, it can be used in many occasions, that is, it can be used as a screen, and can also replace transparent glass.

High permeability, lightweight

Conventional screens have many problems such as opaqueness, airtightness, poor heat dissipation, complicated structure, high power consumption, and obtrusive shape. Transparent LED display has high permeability, 50%-90% permeability, lightweight and small footprint.


Conventional transparent LED displays face the audience in a "one-way communication" way, which is not only "passive", but also gradually lacks movement and novelty. In recent years, the development of "big screen touch" technology has gradually led to the rise of display technologies such as LED transparent screens. Therefore, with the vigorous development of LED transparent display technology, a better way to graft the interaction between the LED transparent screen and the audience has become the "explosion point" of the current industry.


LED transparent screens are now mainly used in glass curtain walls, showcases, commercial displays, stage and stage beauty, TV stations, showcases, exhibitions, jewelry stores, sky curtains and other fields. In fact, the transparent LED display is not completely transparent, mainly through technology to improve the transparency, so that the display is closer to transparency.

Low-cost, energy-saving

The LED transparent screen is beautiful in installation and low in cost. It does not need any steel structure and is directly fixed on the glass curtain wall. The background is transparent. The advertising screen played gives people the feeling of being suspended on the glass curtain wall. The LED display can save more than 40% energy.

  transparent LED displays


In need of transparent LED displays?

Transparent screens can bring users an unprecedented visual experience and a new experience. The transparent screen enables the audience to see the screen image and the items behind the screen through the screen, which enhances the efficiency of information transmission and adds a lot of interest. If you have any need for transparent LED displays, please kindly contact us today!


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