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What Is The Technology Of Round Led Display And Its Applications

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If you're looking for a device that'll give you a diverse and broad audience perspective, a round LED display is the way to go. Thanks to this tool, you can now efficiently view images from a complete 360-degree angle. What's more, the display is clean, crisp, and visually pleasing. The defining aspect of these LED displays is perhaps the fact that they perfectly blend conventional designs with modern innovation. The best part: it may also help you to consume significantly less energy, thereby reducing your electricity bills.


The technology behind a round LED display

The technology behind a round LED display is simple but highly well-integrated and efficient. For the uninitiated, LED is an acronym for light-emitting diodes, which again are tiny cells tasked with illuminating the spot in proximity, every time they receive voltage. These LED devices are available in all shapes, sizes, structures, and specifications.

The best part: they can be used to support diverse roles in multiple domains like museums and offices among many. The features are both advanced and dynamic and the technology is only ever-evolving. These days, you also find these LED tools with multiple customizable components for the customers.

 Circular LED screens

Types of the circular LED display technologies

Many types of Circular LED screens are available in the market. We can differentiate all of these types based on features and technologies.

Flexbile Module LED display:

It commonly uses with all types of billboards, signage, or video walls. It is the best circular LED display technology if you want to show complex information. However, you can commonly find it for different purposes.

7-segment circular LED display:

Sometimes, we call it the SSD and refer it to as seven-segment indicators. However, it is one of the most common types that uses to display the numerical. But this isn’t suitable to show the letters. However, due to this, it can only carry readable characters.

Apart from these two types, some other LED displays are commonly using in the market.

14-segment LED display

16-segment LED display

 round led display

What's the applications of the LED circle Display?

Nowadays led logo sign is becoming one the most popular media for Starbucks coffee stores, MacDonald stores, Kentucky stores, other retail chain stores, drug chain stores, etc.

The logo LED screen is widely used ad advertising display, which will be mounted to the indoor wall or in front of the gate, towards the potential clients.

Attracting and eye-catching design, which can improve the level and provide a real focal point to the store.

With double-sided, we trust it is your best choice for coffee shop, top screen in mall.

1.  Wedding sand photography, family decoration painting;
2. Indoor and outdoor signs;
3. Large-scale exhibition project or event exhibition display;
4. Promotion of wall decoration in shopping malls, banks, hotels, hotels, etc.;
5. Advertising media such as airports, subways, stations, bus platforms, etc.;
6. Craft gifts;
7. Mobile billboards.


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