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Why Does the LED Smart Light Pole Display Need to Be Powered off Remotely?

Strictly speaking, the remote power-off function is a necessary basic requirement for the LED smart light pole display, for the following four reasons.

Which Is Better, LED Light Pole Screen or LCD Light Pole Screen?

In the outdoor advertising market, LED display and LCD display are both mainstream display media devices in the market. Therefore, there are many disputes in the market as to which LED and LCD are more suitable for outdoor light pole screens. So, today we analyze LED and LCD from several aspects, who is more suitable for outdoor display?

3 Major Application Areas of LED Smart Light Pole Screen

However, with the advent of urban informatization construction and 5G infrastructure, the development of LED smart light pole screens has become more and more popular, mainly in three important areas.

What Role Does LED Display Play in Smart Light Poles?

In fact, the current smart street lights are mainly assembled with multiple functions. At the same time, thanks to the rapid advancement of smart city construction and the wide application of new-generation information technologies such as the Internet of Things and cloud computing, the smart value of smart city terminals such as LED light pole screens has begun to stand out here, and the smart advantages of smart light poles in scenarios have been strengthened.

What Are Outdoor LED Totem Displays and What Are the Characteristics?

Totem led display could be one side or two sides with tempered-glass for better protection. Intelligent group management is also working for hundreds of totem led display.

Precautions for the Installation of Outdoor LED Display

There are four steps to install outdoor advertising LED display: site survey, mechanical equipment construction, installation and adjustment. Let's go into details below.

Precautions for the Purchase of Outdoor LED Display

What precautions should be taken when purchasing an outdoor LED screen?

DIP or SMD LED Screen, Which Is Better?

LEDs are popular due to their efficiency, environmental friendliness and long life. When used in commercial digital signage and scoreboards, LED displays can improve lamp quality, durability, and cost.

Tips for Cleaning and Maintenance of Outdoor LED Display

The following are some simple methods for cleaning the LED electronic display screen. Let me introduce to you. The cleaning of the outdoor LED display screen is divided into cleaning before and after installation.

Front Maintenance LED Display VS Back Maintenance LED Display

The maintenance methods of LED display are mainly divided into front maintenance LED screen and rear maintenance LED screen.

What Is the Difference Between a Projector and an LED Display?

Through the comparison between the projector and the LED display, we can find that the difference between them is still very big, but so many users do not know which one should be used, especially with so many multimedia multi-functional conference rooms today.

What Is the Difference Between LED Transparent Screen and Conventional LED Display?

The design principle of transparent LED screen and conventional LED screen is the same, and the transparent screen is developed on the basis of conventional LED screen. So what are the advantages of transparent LED screens compared with conventional LED screens?


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