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Tips for Cleaning and Maintenance of Outdoor LED Display

The following are some simple methods for cleaning the LED electronic display screen. Let me introduce to you. The cleaning of the outdoor LED display screen is divided into cleaning before and after installation.

Front Maintenance LED Display VS Back Maintenance LED Display

The maintenance methods of LED display are mainly divided into front maintenance LED screen and rear maintenance LED screen.

What Is the Difference Between a Projector and an LED Display?

Through the comparison between the projector and the LED display, we can find that the difference between them is still very big, but so many users do not know which one should be used, especially with so many multimedia multi-functional conference rooms today.

What Is the Difference Between LED Transparent Screen and Conventional LED Display?

The design principle of transparent LED screen and conventional LED screen is the same, and the transparent screen is developed on the basis of conventional LED screen. So what are the advantages of transparent LED screens compared with conventional LED screens?

What Are the Installation Methods of LED Transparent Screen

In different installation environments, the installation methods of LED transparent screens are also different. The common installation methods of transparent screens include hoisting, fixed installation, and base installation, the most common of which is hoisting for stage choreography, exhibition halls and other fields.

What Are the Application of LED Transparent Screen

As a rising star in the LED display industry, transparent LED screens are widely used in glass curtain walls, stage shows, outdoor advertising, and new retail due to their advantages such as lightness and thinness, no need for steel frame structure, easy installation and maintenance, and good transparency, is entering our field of vision with an eye-catching attitude.

Development History and Characteristics of Transparent LED Display

Along with the flood of outdoor advertising LED displays, there comes a series of negative problems, including the problem of city image. The LED display screen can indeed brighten the city and release information when it is working. Still, when it is "resting", it seems to be a "scar" of the city, which is out of tune with the surrounding environment and greatly affects the beauty of the city, destroying the scenery of the city.

LED Custom Screen Classification And Features

The size of the LED custom screen can be customized according to the site building structure and environmental requirements. The unique screen shape and different visual experience can not only attract the attention of the audience, but also expand the application scope of large screen splicing. In practical engineering cases, LED customized screens of various shapes have appeared, including: arc, diamond, sphere, bucket arch, Rubik's cube, cylinder, etc.

Analysis Of Indoor And Outdoor Cost Differences Of LED Displays

Full-color LED display, as a replacement for traditional billboards, is commonplace in daily life. Most of us are familiar with it. The cost difference between indoor and outdoor LED displays is quite large, so what is the difference?

What Do You Need To Consider When Buying An Indoor LED Display?

Considering the limited installation area of the indoor LED display, the brightness is much lower than that of the outdoor, and in order to take care of the adaptation process of the viewer's eyes, the brightness must be adaptively adjusted, which is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Application Of Flexible LED Display

To address this practical need, some LED display manufacturers have begun to appear and popularize flexible, foldable and bendable flexible screens. So what scenarios are flexible LED displays often used in?

What Is The Difference Between Flexible LED Display And Traditional LED Display?

There are some special installation requirements, such as cylindrical screens used in shopping malls, some inner and outer curved LED displays, and various special-shaped LED displays. In this special application, the development of flexible LED display makes up for it, allowing more special application places to install LED display.


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