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What Can Affect Mobile LED Display Rental Cost?

The rental cost will change in different places. For example, you may rent a mobile LED display screen with a lower a price in a samll town than in a metropolitan city.

The Selection Of The Mobile LED Screen

What are the common vehicle-mounted LED advertising displays? How to choose them?

Five Characteristics of Mobile Bus LED Display

The bus has a fixed driving route, and the passengers on each route are relatively balanced within a fixed period of time, while the taxi tends to the densest crowd, which maximizes the audience area of on-board advertisements.

How To Distinguish Between Fine Pitch LED, Mini LED And Micro LED

First of all, considering only the size, there is overlap between the various size definitions. The reason why it is called small spacing is compared with large spacing.

Factors To Considered For Buying Fine Pitch LED Displays

When industry users choose small-pitch LED display products, they should consider not only the procurement cost

Advantages of Fine Pitch LED Displays

The LED screen itself has high brightness. In order to satisfy the comfortable viewing effect for the viewer in the strong light environment and the dark light environment, and avoid visual fatigue, the brightness can be adjusted with the light sensing system.

What Is A Fine Pitch LED Display

Small pitch LED display refers to indoor LED display with LED point spacing below P2.5, mainly including P2.5, P2.0, P1.8, P1.5 and other LED display products. With the improvement of LED display manufacturing technology, the resolution of traditional LED display has been greatly improved.

3 Major Differences Between Outdoor LED Display And Indoor LED Display

Indoor LED displays generally do not need to have waterproof and fireproof requirements due to the location of use, while outdoor LED displays pose challenges to the adaptability of products in various environments due to the diversity of use environments.

What Should I Do If Water Enters Into The Outdoor Advertising LED Screen?

In addition to the waterproof and moisture-proof outdoor advertising LED display installed in the rainy season, engineers and dealers should also understand the treatment method if water gets into LED display.

Introduction To The Installation Method Of Outdoor LED Advertising

Take measures to prevent more settlement on one side of the outdoor LED billboard foundation, and take forced landing measures on the other side. The forced landing methods include: loading steel ingots or stones, building cantilever beams, digging soil for forced landing, and water injection for deviation correction.

What Factors Determine The Quality Of Outdoor Advertising LED Display?

Since the full-color display is composed of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of red, green, and blue LED pixels, the failure of any one color LED will affect the overall visual effect of the display. Generally speaking, according to industry experience, the failure rate should not be higher than 3/10000 (referring to the failure caused by the LED device itself).

Applications And Advantages Of Outdoor Advertising LED Display

Urban building curtain walls are mainly concentrated in the prosperous areas of the city, which is a major potential market for outdoor media advertising.


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