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4 Supporting Facilities That All LED Displays Need

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LED display is not a single product, but a mature integrated system. It is a display system that integrates photoelectric technology, computer application technology, communication technology, and information processing technology. When we choose an LED display screen, the LED display manufacturer will recommend many peripheral accessories to us, and sometimes the price of peripheral accessories can even account for a large part of the total price. Today, I will explain to you what devices are included in the LED display and how to choose them.

LED display

LED display screen control system

The control system is a system that determines what content will be displayed on the big screen, like the brain of a person. Choosing a control system is very important. Generally, we need to choose a control system that is convenient to produce and play programs, flexible in playback format, and easy to operate and learn. Currently, commonly used control system brands in the market include LingXingYu, De Puda, Carlette, Moser, etc. Each of them has its own characteristics. For example, some have more points and support ultra-high resolution displays; some have good scalability and are suitable for LED shaped screens. For example, Warner's LED sphere screen requires special requirements for the control system and the played video source to achieve perfect display effects.

Distribution cabinet

The distribution cabinet is the equipment that provides power to the LED display screen and can be customized according to the power of the screen body. If the power of the distribution cabinet is too small, it will often trip, the display screen cannot be used normally, and even cause damage. If the power is too large, it will also cause waste. In addition, distribution cabinets also have different brands, and we must choose large-scale and reputable manufacturers.

Cooling system

The cooling system of the LED display screen mainly uses fans and air conditioners. Outdoor LED display screens generally choose air conditioning cooling, and determine the horsepower and quantity of the air conditioner according to the specifications and size of the display screen. Indoor LED display screens or areas with relatively low temperatures in the north generally use fan cooling, which can save costs.

Power amplifier sound system

The power amplifier sound system also has a great impact on the effect of the LED display screen. If it is an indoor LED display screen, fixed installation speakers can be used, which is both easy to install and effectively utilizes the characteristics of the speaker. If it is an outdoor LED display screen, it is recommended to use all-weather and three-proof speakers. Because the outdoors is closely related to the weather, it is not only durable but also not easily damaged by wind and rain.

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The above are some necessary peripheral devices of the LED display screen. With a high-quality LED display screen product, it can form a complete and impressive LED display screen application system with beautiful pictures. If you have any questions, please contact HSCLED professionals.


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