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4K Refresh Rate P2.5 LED Video Wall for A Church in USA

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We are glad to announce that we have finished a large P2.5 led video wall for a church in USA last week. It has been a great success for HSC LED and our customer together in past one month. Both of us has paid lots of attentions and efforts for this project. And finally, It is shipped in last week before strict quality inspection and control by our QC team.

Church Video Wall

It has been 2 months ago for our first contact with customer in April. Customer is looking for 112pcs P2.5 led display panel for his church. It is also requested for front service solution with 640*640mm led wall panel. The screen size is 14pcs in width with 8.96m and 8pcs in height with 5.12m. The total pixel is more than 7.34 millions with high and excellent picture quality. And it is controlled by NovaStar H2 video wall controller with 4 HDMI inputs and 20 RJ45 outputs.

Customer is very happy with our excellent picture and video quality. It is high refresh rate which could be 4K refresh. There is flicker-free when it is shooting with cameras. It is much better visual performance than 1920hz refresh. With high refresh driving IC, it is working with excellent visual performance.

We have completed this P2.5 led video panel with lots of features and improvements comparing to past models.

1. 640*640mm led display panel

We employ 640*640mm cabinet for this project and module size is 320*160mm. It consists of 8pcs P2.5 led modules for each cabinet. Each cabinet is 256*256 pixel resolution. With a total of 112pcs cabinets, the total resolution is more than 7 millions pixels.

2. Front service led wall panel

It is front service solution with magnets for this P2.5 led video wall. As there is limited space for the back side. We recommend front service solution with magnets for this project. LED modules could be removed from the front when customer replace spares. It is more convenient and easy for front service solution. It also can greatly save time for replacement and installation too.

3. 4K refresh rate for flicker-free

We recommend high refresh rate driving IC as customer wants high refresh rate without flicker. It is much higher refresh rate than 1920hz. And it is flicker-free when it is shooting with cameras. 4k refresh rate makes excellent picture and video quality.

4. Good flatness

For this P2.5 led video panel, we change and improve the cabinet design for excellent flatness. It is 3-5mm higher than cabinet for regular cabinets with 640*640mm. HSC LED team would adjust the cabinet design for better flatness, which is less than 1mm. The cabinet is a custom one with our special cabinet design for excellent flatness. It looks a good flat TV and monitor even with 112pcs cabinets together for a large led video wall.

HSC LED is committed to provide our best service and solution for customers. It is a great honor for us to make customer's ideas into reality.



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