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HSC LED Launches Full Production Line for DIP LED Module

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HSC LED is honored to announce that we still have full production line for DIP led display and led module nowadays. Even though SMD led technology has a bigger market share than DIP led technology currently. There are still lots of customers who prefers DIP led digital billboard for the outdoor large screens. Therefore, HSC LED decides to keep and expand our production line for DIP led technology for customers from all over the world.

It is a great honor and pride for this decision of HSC LED management team.


Today, we are going to explain the past for DIP and SMD led technology. When it came to 2008, there is a rising market demand for full color led digital billboard. At that time, it is the world for DIP led technology and DIP led screen. SMD led technology is not available. All factories can produce what is DIP led technology and series, such as P7.62, P8, P10, P12, P16, P20, P25 and P31.25 etc. What is more, DIP led technology has much higher brightness, better durability and longer lifespan.

After a few years development, it came to the year of 2015. It is the new era for SMD led technology at this year. From the beginning of 2015, SMD led technology has come into the market. After 2015, SMD led technology is getting more and more market share than DIP led technology. And up to date, SMD led technology has the leading role for led digital billboard.

HSC LED still would like to produce and provide solutions with DIP led technology and DIP led display. Not only it can help us get profits, but also we would to love to take the responsibility for our customers, who has chosen DIP led technology and solutions in the past.

Even SMD led technology has bigger market share in the industry. However, DIP led technology still has great features than SMD led technology.

Key features for DIP led screen:

1. Much higher brightness

Generally, SMD led technology has up to 7000cd brightness with excellent components. However, DIP led technology could reach 12000cd for the best. And the average brightness for DIP led digital billboard is more than 7500cd.

2. Better durability

DIP led technology and DIP led module has better durability than SMD led technology for harsh environments because of encapsulation. As for this difference, DIP led technology and DIP led digital billboard is the first choice for some special and harsh projects.

3. Longer lifespan

Because there is different encapsulation type, DIP led technology has longer lifespan than SMD led technology. This is also another great reason why SMD led technology cannot replace DIP led technology for 100% market share.

Key features for DIP led screen

HSC LED still makes the full production line for DIP led module and DIP led display. We have the full series and model, such as P10, P12, P12.5, P13.33, P16, P20, P25 and P31.25. Single color and dual-color is available. We also accept custom solution for DIP led module.


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