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A Guide To Buying LED Poster Display

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Why should buy LED poster?

LED poster allows you to take advantage of mobility. You can place them anywhere where you think they will catch the maximum attention of customers. Plus, you can display your message all day and all night.

In this way, LED poster displays can increase your brand’s marketing even when you are closed. Poster LEDs are very energy efficient. Therefore, they will not cause you a financial burden with continuous usage.

  LED poster

Below are factors to consider when choosing LED poster display.

Indoor or outdoor LED poster display?

One of the main factors that dictate the digital LED poster price is the area of use. Usually, the main difference between an outdoor and indoor LED display is IP protection. IP protection includes various factors like protection against water and dust and various weather elements. Additionally, customization in brightness rate also depends on the light exposure. As expected, most outdoor displays can be used indoors but indoor displays used outside will be easily susceptible to damage.

Temporarily or permanent LED poster display?

The duration the LED poster screen will be up will affect the overall installation process. As expected, temporary poster displays are and fast to install when compared to fixed installation for permanent displays. The main difference between the two includes fast locks used, mechanical elements for connection and calibration, protection from rapid wear and tear and the weight of the LED poster display.

Resolution and ratio of the LED poster display

Finally, consider the right pixel for your LED frames. When doing so, counter-check the minimum resolution for both the vertical and horizontal axis. Doing so allows you to avoid having images that look distorted and unrealistic. Remember, the lower the pixel, the higher the resolution and the higher your chances of having a uniform and consistent image.

 LED poster

Purchase high-quality LED poster display from us

An outdoor poster display can be a great way to advertise to the people who are most likely to buy from you: people walking right by your physical store. Even this, however, requires careful consideration. Buying the right sign for the job is one of the most important things you can do as a business owner. If you are considering buying a LED poster display, we will be your best choice.


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