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How to Identify the Quality of the LED Screen?

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At present, there are more and more LED displays on the market, and the quality of each LED display is different. Before we buy an LED display, how should we identify the quality of the LED display?

Brightness and visual angle

The brightness of the indoor full-color LED screen should be above 800cd/m2, and the brightness of the outdoor full-color screen should be above 1500cd/m2, otherwise, the screen cannot be clearly displayed due to the low brightness. The brightness of an LED die depends primarily on its brightness.

The visual angle of the LED display directly determines the number of people watching, so the bigger the better. The viewing angle of the die mainly depends on its packaging method.

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White balance

White balance is an important indicator of LED displays. In terms of color science, when the ratio of the three primary colors of red, green and blue is 1:4.6:0.16, pure white will appear. If the actual ratio deviates slightly, there will be a shift in white balance. Generally, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the white is blue or yellowish green. The quality of the white balance mainly depends on the control system of the LED display screen, while the die affects the color reproduction.


When the image on the display screen has a poor sense of layering and pixels are lost compared with the material, it means that the gray level of the screen is low, and the content of the material cannot be completely, clearly and truly presented. Its professional testing method is the test of the gray scale, which can visually see the level of the gray scale.

Refresh rate

When the human eye directly looks at the display screen, it feels that the screen is flickering, and when there are many horizontal dark lines when shooting with a camera or video camera, it means that the refresh rate of this screen is low. Under the condition of not affecting the direct viewing of human eyes, the refresh rate of the display screen cannot be lower than 300Hz, and to meet the requirements of camera and video camera and other imaging equipment, the refresh rate of the display screen must reach more than 2000Hz.


Whether the display screen is clean, free of pitting and mosaic phenomenon is mainly related to the brightness and color consistency of the LED lights. We can observe the brightness and color uniformity of the screen in RGB monochrome and white states.

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The above are several factors to identify the quality of LED display. Through these data, we can judge the level of LED display very well. Of course, in addition, the quality of LED display is also related to energy consumption and energy efficiency, protection level, safety and many other factors, if you want to have a high-quality LED display, you can contact us directly. 


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