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Analysis Of Indoor And Outdoor Cost Differences Of LED Displays

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Full-color LED display, as a replacement for traditional billboards, is commonplace in daily life. Most of us are familiar with it. The cost difference between indoor and outdoor LED displays is quite large, so what is the difference?

 indoor LED display

Process difference:

1. The indoor LED display module is directly fixed on the indoor structural frame, without the need to customize the box.

The outdoor LED advertising screen module needs to be fixed with the box by attaching the waterproof rubber pad and screwing the module and the box. The IP65 waterproof box needs to be customized. The box is unitized, using M10 screw + U-shaped connector fixed on the steel structure.

2. The indoor LED screen is a small lamp with low brightness, about 900-1100cd, and the outdoor  LED display is a high-power large lamp with high brightness, about 6000-7500cd.

3. The indoor display does not need to consider waterproofing. After the lamp bead is pasted with the circuit board, it can be shipped out of the factory after the aging is qualified. The outdoor LED display needs to be waterproof. After the lamp bead is pasted with the circuit board, it needs to be filled with silica gel on the front to be flush with the lamp bead, dried by a glue dryer, and sprayed with three-proof paint (waterproof, moisture-proof and corrosion-proof ), passed the waterproof test and passed the aging test before leaving the factory.

4. The indoor  LED display has low heat generation, the thickness of the circuit board does not require multi-layer design, and the number of power supplies used is small.The outdoor LED display generates a large amount of heat, the circuit board is designed with multiple layers, the thickness increases, the copper foil content increases, and the number of power supplies used is correspondingly large.

Installation difference

The indoor display does not require equipment such as air conditioning, outsourcing, high-power distribution cabinets, intelligent brightness control, etc., and generally there is no high-altitude operation. Outdoor LED displays require equipment such as air conditioners, outsourcing edges, high-power distribution cabinets, and intelligent brightness control. Generally, high-altitude operations are required, and cranes are required to assist in lifting the steel structure frame to the wall. More embedded panels and walls are required.

 Outdoor LED displays

Through the comparison of the two aspects at multiple levels, we found that the outdoor screen is much more complicated than the indoor screen, and the high cost is inevitable. For all kinds of LED screens, how much per square meter is really worth every penny. You must not simply compare the price and ignore the inside. For more information about indoor and outdoor LED displays, please feel free to contact us!


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