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LED Custom Screen Classification And Features

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The consumption structure is constantly being upgraded, and traditional functional products no longer meet the needs of consumers. The needs of consumers have changed from functional and branding to experiential and engaging. The LED custom screen came into being, a new branch of LED display application with innovation and creativity as the core. Customized LED display screen breaks the simple, square and boring shape of traditional LED screen. It can be spliced into various irregular shapes at will to display highly creative content.

The size of the LED custom screen can be customized according to the site building structure and environmental requirements. The unique screen shape and different visual experience can not only attract the attention of the audience, but also expand the application scope of large screen splicing. In practical engineering cases, LED customized screens of various shapes have appeared, including: arc, diamond, sphere, bucket arch, Rubik's cube, cylinder, etc.

Which LED display products are suitable for customization?

LED Custom Screen

LED flexible screen

LED flexible screen modules use flexible materials. Due to the different structures, the technical requirements for manufacturers are more stringent. If the technology is not up to standard, the LED screen will have poor appearance due to excessive seam gaps and discontinuous splicing surfaces. Flatness and many other problems destroy the beauty of the overall design, and the viewing effect is not good.

LED transparent screen

There are also strict regulations on the size of the LED transparent screen, and there should be no deviation. Throughout all aspects of the LED transparent screen manufacturing industry chain, including custom modeling, it is necessary to fully consider the special scenes, uses, and detail processing of the screen during operation, to ensure that the splicing surface is neat, and to achieve unique display effects, packaging and splicing technology.

LED grid screen

The biggest feature of the LED grid screen is the dot-shaped grid pixels, and the module is bendable and foldable, flexible and suitable for various application scenarios.

Advantages LED custom screen

Today, the tide of the creative industry has swept the world. Various stage performances, opening ceremony exhibitions, cultural tourism and night tours pursue the ultimate pursuit of dynamic and personalized visual effects.

First of all, customized LED display shows individual culture.

For each creative display project, after in-depth interviews, careful listening, and careful sorting, an exclusive customized plan is formed, using metaphorical exaggeration techniques and gorgeous video effects to visualize abstract ideas and culture, and use new media technology. Visual display fully demonstrate the personality and cultural characteristics.

Secondly, the customized LED display achieves a city landmark and enhances the city's image.

For example, the city light show, on the basis of architecture or landscape, combines the basic elements and symbols of the building, seeks the best visual language, and makes the LED display elements and the architecture go hand in hand perfectly from the perspective of art and aesthetics.

custom LED display

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