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Digital Roll-up LED Poster in France

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Nowadays, digital advertising is increasingly preferred by the market and customers for the whole world. According to traditional printing solution, such as roll-up, dynamic digital signage is more popular and eye-catching. Driven by the market demand, HSC LED is the leading the market with our digital led poster for retail advertising and small or medium-sized events. It is a great challenge and opportunity for transforming printing roll-up to led digital poster.

Generally, customers from retail industry prefer small and high definition led display, but with a good budget. The printing roll-up and banner is out of date in more and more occasions. There is also limited size and solutions for TV and LCD screen. That is why HSC LED has developed our unique smart led poster. Customers are satisfied with HD picture and video quality. The visual performance is also excellent. What is more, the production cost for digital led poster is continuously decreasing thanks to our mass-production and complete supply chain. All good conditions makes it affordable for most retail owners.

Today, we are going to introduce one of our French customer, who prefers our digital led poster for his retail stores and small events. At the first stage, the customer considers TV and traditional roll-up for his solution. As it is more economical with such traditional advertising solution. But he changed his mind little by little when talking to us and learning more for our led digital poster.

HSC LED Digital LED Poster in France

Here are key features for our smart led poster.

1. Slim and Light Weight Design

As our design purpose for led poster display is for retail advertising and events. It requires led digital poster for slim design and light weight for easy transport. HSC LED is glad to declare our led poster is only 35mm thickness and 30kg per panel. Wheels on bottom is also equipped for easier transport.

2. Plug and Play Solution

Most of our customers is from retail industry. They prefer our digital led poster for their own use in retail stores. So it must be extremely easy for the software. That is why HSC LED employed and designed the controller for plug and play solution. It is also easy even for end-users who never used led video wall before. LED digital poster could autoplay when USB disk is on. That is what we called Plug & Play Solution.

HSC LED Digital LED Poster

3. Single and Multiple Applications

Our led poster display is working individually or together for a bigger screen. 6pcs led poster is for a 16:9 golden ratio screen. 10pcs led poster is perfect for a HD 1080P screen. Various choices makes it possible for customer different demands.

4. Easy and User-friendly Software

Our digital led poster supports synchronous and asynchronous mode. It means led poster could be live broadcasting or autoplay with PC. It looks like a monitor when it is synchronous mode. There is a digital media player when it is asynchronous mode. LED poster display also supports Window system and APP control, which is more flexible.

5. Flexible and Creative Installation

Our digital led poster supports flexible and creative installation, such as freestanding, hanging, wall-mounted, creative splicing, horizontal application and etc. HSC LED also accept custom installation solution for customer projects.

6. Various Applications

LED poster screen is perfect for retail, events, exhibitions and concerts etc, such as shopping mall, restaurant, bar, conference room. Our led poster is more popular for digital advertising than traditional roll-up.


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