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All You Need to Know About Taxi LED Display

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Taxi LED display screens (sometimes referred to as mobile LED display are the mew mobile tools used in display advertisement.


They are used at the top of and inside taxis to advertise and stream media in either image, text or video format. 


They are equipped with automatic full-colour warning lights; this helps transmit adverts and instructions in different colours (e,g a red light means an emergency braking of the car and so on).


All signals that are peculiar to taxi LED displays can be carried out by the warning lights in Taxi LED displays. 


The control systems from LED displays can be used for videos, words, animation and so on; all the information needed is simply reproduced by the system.

 taxi LED displays

They have proved very useful for both taxi drivers and advertisers. 


They are also very popular and an extra means for taxi drivers to make some money; this is why it is important to only purchase high-quality ones from the most reliable manufacturers. 


Core features

· Taxi LED displays are used as the new mobile displays to display advertisements- they are characterized for their very easy installation and repair

· They have high pixels and good brightness, reproducing high video and photo resolutions

· They utilize 3G/$G wireless connections and real-time GPS positioning; giving the drivers control over advertisement management

· They have an installed emergency call button for the drivers 

· They are very easy to install and maintain by simply using a screwdriver and with no professional help 

 taxi LED displays

Technical features 

· They come with great protective features which include waterproof, disproof, antiseptic and antistatic screen, over-current, over-press, under-voltage, and short circuit features

· They make use of a browser software system to enter the cloud of the websites.

· They have a brightness feature of ³ 4500 cd / ㎡ and a greyness/colour feature of 65536 degrees / 256 * 256 * 256.

· They have 100,000 lifetime hours

· Bodyweight is about 8kg and their case size is 100width × 33height (cm)


Pros of the Taxi LED display

· It is easy to install

· It consumes little power

· It comes with a patented enclosure design and circuit board. 

· Its body is without edging


Security features of taxi LED displays:

1. People can log into their accounts at any time to upload mew adverts. The ad-time can also be changed freely and the operational state of the ad can be checked

2. If the taxi driver encounters some unforeseen challenges and requires help, all she/he needs to do is press the emergency button and the “help” or “SOS” signs will appear on the LED screams.


GPS features:

· A place should be chosen to play the adverts

· After the place has been found, click the mouse cursor and a not sign would appear 

· The note sign should be clicked with the left bear button, then the location should be chosen

· The previous task should then be selected and completed 

· When t, the location is reached, the LED screen on the taxi will display and broadcast the specified advertisement


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