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Flexible LED Display Market Share, Size And Trend Analysis Forecast For 2019-2025

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Globally, in 2018 the market size of flexible Led display was priced at about USD 7 billion and from 2019 to 2025 there is likely to be a growth at a CAGR of about  28%.


The increase in request for display-based buyers’ electronics products combined with consumers leaning toward flexible gadgets that are energy-efficient, motivated the growth. Major developments in the display technologies field has given way to the emergence of a first class flexible led displays, and this has created a development opportunity for the vital players operational in the marketplace.


China flexible displays market



The best features presented by these products which is non-fragility, weight, and portability makes them to be eye-catching substitute for the end user electronics producers.


Besides, adopting the Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) built flexible led displays is observing an exponential progression with the increase in superior product and high-performance use. In addition, the extraordinary growing nature of the cool and wearable market tends to boost the demand of the market.


The producers have invested an enormous amount so that their production abilities to equate to the demand can be expanded. In 2020 for example, the LG Display broadcasted that they invested about KRW 970m to acquire an OLED display of the 6th Generation. This was to boost its presence in the market.


Similarly, the increasing acceptance of OLED-based devices in tablets, VR headsets, mobile head phones, laptops, digital cameras, and televisions amongst others has contributed to the progression of the marketplace for flexible LED display. Going on, features like complex manufacturing procedures and investments that are high capital may become a task to new consumers in the market .

 flexible led display

Insight to Material Type

In regards to type of of display, the flexible led display market has been categorized into, EPD, LCD, OLED, etc. In 2018, the OLED section caught a conspicuous market share of above 60%. It is anticipated to have a significant growth during the time of the forecast.


Usually, the flexible LED displays that are OLED-based can be exposed to a very high level of flexibility, it energy consumption is less, so it is gradually gaining acceptance in smartphones too. The OLED flexible led displays design are likewise pretty sleek and light in weight when linked to LCDs , in the meantime there is no need for filters or  backlight.  


The increasing acceptance of these flexible display-based online or e-readers has supplemented the increase of most Electronic Paper Display section in the future.



The use of the Flexible led displays is in various products, which include E-readers, smartphones, wearable, automotive, and televisions, and many more.

Similarly, smartphone sector is anticipated to observe a major CAGR beyond 12% in excess of the estimate period. With the emergence of smart and digital city idea, the digital signage structures with flexible led displays is anticipated to be widely used for displaying maps and publicizing in the future.


In 2018, in terms of revenue generation, smart watches, other wearable, motorized and transportation sector mutually led to a market/sales share of about 17%. The growth seen in the motorized and transportation sector is accredited to the point that quite a lot of the motorized manufacturers are stressing on incorporating innovative and first class display technological changes both in the information and entertainment structures to improve user experience.


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