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Design And Features Of Flexible LED Display

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There has been an increase in the development of LED technology in the market.


And for the flexible LED display,it has been altered to allow extra effect during display of effects depending on the nature of the old-fashioned LED display.


The flexible LED display screen is a recent kind of information display that has advanced quickly in the world since the 80s.


This display is always shifting and the vision is similarly attainment of a greater height because a lot of display screens are made with a Soft LED component.


There are numerous manufactures of Flexible LED display, but you will be sure of a quality product if you purchase from reliable and dependable manufacturers.


In this article, we will discuss the Creative Application of the Flexible LED Display.


Flexible LED Display Design

The look of the adaptable LED screens halts the typical large-screen merging system.


It can be merged into different uneven shapes to show some creative content. While it also fascinates the audience thus achieving better publicity.


It also magnifies the application variety of LED display splicing. The LED flexible screen can entirely meet the environment’s needs and also the total structure and environmental requirements of the architectural design.

 HD Full Color Flexible LED Display

Why select a flexible LED display screen?

A flexible LED display system is the information shown for jobs. It brings elasticity and operator to switch with a smooth appearance and inspiring images.


The stretchy sequence is a fashionable improvement for several customers, from the shop, airport stockpiles, and any place that energizing an image.


Concerning the old-fashioned LED screen, flexible LED display screens can also be custom-made to generate all types of good-looking and exceptional irregular characters.


With a beautiful and applied plan, flexible LED displays exist as architectural embellishment, as well as the promoting screen, and growing as a better medium of advertisement instead of posters.


Design Features of the flexible LED display

​It is motivated by knowledge and inventions, donates itself to delivering superior performance LED products and results to clients everywhere around the globe.


1. Design potentials

The flexible LED displays give a varied choice of design potentials through innovations.


The units can make unequal shapes, thereby allowing screens to wrap around architecture or be styled into exciting forms.


A thin depth of elements permits flexibility of location and a smooth appearance.


2. Easier installation

The flexible LED displays without frames reduce installation cost and the danger of deforming building.


It has 70%-80%, transparency, persons inside the building still can appreciate the window vision and sunshine. It also can meet the burdens of big-scale installation easily.


3. Brighter, lower power consumption

The flexible LED display products to accomplish a great illumination of 7,500-12,000 nits, and consumes low power of 120- 150w per square meter on a normal day.


Compacted cabinet design and cheap power consumption offer extra profitable solutions, thereby making you save money thus leading in a better return on investment.



The flexible LED display is a recent innovation that have a great benefit to the users.


This means no matter where you install your flexible LED display, it will require less time on-site for installation and repairs.


However, for the best value for your hard-earned money, teaming up with a reputable flexible LED display manufacturer will give you the assurance of buying quality products.


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