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How to illuminate HSC LED Taxi Top LED Display

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As a professional manufacturer for taxi top led display in China, HSC LED is glad to share new technology and solution for mobile digital advertising. In the past, there was printing paper and led light box on the car top for static advertising. It has changed a lot when LED display technology is employed in more and more applications. People prefer to see more colorful and vivid message for outdoor advertising, even for the car top advertising. Therefore, HSC LED has developed taxi top led display for new media advertising solution since 2015.

It still has lots of people who has not seen taxi roof led display before even in 2020. HSC LED would explain what taxi top led screen is and how we do and manage it for our business applications. As you know, it has outdoor led display for fixed installation and portable applications. Rental led display is a kind of portable application for all events. Taxi roof led display is another advertising media for mobile and portable applications, which can work for 24/7 hours with largest exposure for your products and services. It can bring the highest ROI for advertising campaign and increase sales.

HSC LED Taxi Top LED Display

Comparing with those outdoor large led display, taxi roof led display is a little small for screen size but with more flexibility and movement. It is a special design small led display which is suitable for car top advertising. Being different from printing paper and led light box, taxi top led display is dynamic and more eye-catching for audiences as it could deliver more messages for one device. All information also could be changed at scheduled time and location as you want. Those led light box never cannot do it like taxi roof led display.  

As a new media advertising technology, taxi top led screen has becoming the main medium for taxi top digital advertising. Especially in USA, Canada and Europe, more and more customers is interested in such car top led display. HSC LED also has multiple successful cases in Africa, Australia and South America etc.

Here are key features for HSC LED taxi top led screen.

1. High Resolution and Clarity

P5mm car top led display is our first model for such technology. At the first stage, it was the most popular when it comes to the market. After 1 year past, few customers are asking us if we can do higher resolution than P5mm. And then we have developed P3.33mm and P2.5mm. What is more, P3.33mm and P2.5mm car top led display is supplying with outdoor high bright and waterproof LED. It can reach 5500nits high brightness and perfect visual performance. At present, P2.5mm is the highest resolution and P3.33mm is the best ratio for price and clarity.

2. High Brightness

HSC LED taxi top led screen could be 5500nits even under direct sunlight. As we work with NationStar LED for the high bright LED, it keeps the best balance for high brightness and high refresh rate. All components for HSC LED taxi top led panel is employed with high quality and brand for strong durability and stability. We do believe stability is the best.

HSC LED Car Top LED Display

3. IP65 Waterproof Protection

As taxi roof led display is running outside and suffering strong sunlight and heavy rainfall all the time. It must have the best protection for working well. Waterproof issue is a headache. HSC LED also has faced such issue at the first stage. Driven by market demands and customers expectation, we have employed dual-side waterproof technology for our outdoor led panel. With dual-side waterproof technology, all led panel and components could be IP65 waterproof protection. It could work well even under the water.  

4. Easy Installation and Maintenance

Sometimes, on-site installation is also a big issue for new customers. As for this, HSC LED respects every feedback from customers and makes a simple design for that. All our car top led display could connect to car battery for power. We make it simple for our design and connection. All installation and replacement could be done via screwdriver; no need professional device.

5. Intelligent Asynchronous and Synchronous Control

Taxi top led display, as a new media advertising solution, could work without PC for wireless control. It can be 4G wireless control for remote control and management on cloud. What is more, hundreds of taxi top led screen could be managed on cloud group-management system. With our system and controller, it could send you a report for program duration and total duration as you want. GPS real-time tracking is also available for fixed-point advertising.

6. Unique Design on Power and Heating Dissipation

With our design purpose, there is extremely low power consumption for HSC LED taxi roof led display. As we want it for longer running time with less power consumption when car engine is off. Supplied with smart power supply management, it has over-voltage and over-current protection for our car top led display.

7. Free Technical Supports and After-Sale Service

HSC LED sales and technical team will offer full service for our taxi top led panel.

Welcome to talk to us if you have ideas for car top advertising in your city or country. HSC LED is glad to help make our ideas into reality together.


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