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Taxi LED Display: A New Generation Of Digital Outdoor Media

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As an important means of transportation in the city, taxis are very large in quantity and have strong mobility. Their infiltration in the city surpasses any other transportation means.


Advertising tool is being chosen depending on the size and spread of the audience rate and taxis are a good vehicle for advertisement.


Presently, for a business to be successful, one needs to disseminate information about the business as well as the promotional message to the public.


And with the way businesses are beginning to require more fascinating means of public exposure, it has to be done in a skillful, expressive, and innovative manner.


Taxi advertising LED display is a growing requirement for businesses that needs promotional exposure by disseminating information to the public about the business.


Taxi LED display is a type of electronic media advertising connected to taxis or other vehicles as a terminal carrier.


They are installed at the top of the taxi, serving as a platform for advertisement and dissemination of information which gives an attractive appearance and beautifies the city.


Taxis with LED display screen can help display advertisement throughout the city in a synchronous way to generate a networked digital outdoor media.


It is bright (seen clearly within 50 meters), has varieties of displaying method,

high longevity, product stability, and accurate advertisement.


Following the strong mobility, long service time, the large coverage area of taxis, taxi advertising LED display is the right form of promoting one’s business.


However, if you need to advertise your business through the taxi LED display, endeavor to purchase from a trusted supplier.


Basic Information About Taxi Advertising LED Display


1. Advertising Forms

Advertisements can be displayed in form of videos, texts, images, and more.


2. Installation Area

The display screen is mostly installed at the top of the taxi.


3. Standard Size

The size is 1040mm x 400mm x 230mm. It can also be customized.

 Taxi LED Display

Advantages of Taxi Advertising LED Display

Using a taxi advertising LED display is more advantageous for the public exposure of your business.


Apart from the fact that taxi does operate every day and night, the LED advertisement comes to your sight at any time with no restrictions.


This gives it an unequal advantage over other forms of advertising media.


The popularity of the product or business rises spontaneously once advertised through the taxi LED display screen.


This popularity leads to social and economic benefits, a wide audience, high impact, quick effect, etc.


Other advantages of using a taxi advertising LED display includes:


ü High Reliability

ü High Brightness

ü Stable performance

ü Simple Post Maintenance

ü LED Light Emitting Chips

ü Power Protection Function

ü Large Storage of Information

ü High-Performance Control System


In Need A Taxi Advertising LED Display For Your Business?

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