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Outdoor P5 Digital LED Display Billboard in Kuwait

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HSC LED is a professional manufacturer in China since 2008. We have great features for creative led display, such as taxi top led display, led poster, flexible led display, circle led display etc. Indoor and outdoor led display is the most common advertising media nowadays. We also have partners and customers for our outdoor fixed led display.

HSC LED has partners and customers from home and abroad, such as Canada, USA, Mexico, Ecuador, Chile, Australia, UK, Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Ukraine, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia etc. We are not famous for our creative led display technology and solution, but also indoor and outdoor fixed led display.

P5 Outdoor LED Display

Outdoor fixed led display is one of advertising media and solution which is more valuable than traditional printing solution. Comparing to traditional printing solution, dynamic led video wall is more colorful and vivid which is able to change contents at anytime and anywhere. It does not need to make new printing each time, which is more cost-saving and environment-friendly. What is more, customers are able to change contents via wireless control. For several digital screens, it is working to change and display same contents at the same time too. In a word, it has been a common sense that led video wall becomes a useful application for outdoor digital advertising.

Our customer from Kuwait has finished installation for our P5 outdoor led display in August. To be honest, it is our first project for end customer in Kuwait. HSC LED pays more attention to previous negotiation and explanation for end customers who has little knowledge for led video wall. It is more important for us to make customers understand what we can and how we will do. Our philosophy is customers-priority.

P5 Outdoor LED Display

This is a P5 outdoor led screen which is installed on customer’s own building in Kuwait. Screen size is 2.88*2.88m with 576*576 pixel resolution. There is 331,776 pixel in total for the whole P5 outdoor led display. Customer is satisfied with our tremendous supports as this is the project for end customer. From design to installation, HSC LED team offers the best practical solution according to customer’s request and budget. For example, we had video call with customer when we make drawing for structure. For the installation, our technician is always available for pre-installation and post-installation.

It has been a great success both for HSC LED and our customer for the first P5 outdoor led display in Kuwait. We do believe that this P5 outdoor led screen will be our spokesperson in Kuwait and Middle East. As our customer is planning for more outdoor led display for his buildings in 2021.

HSC LED always keep curious mind for our every customers. As we do believe we both can learn from each other for new ideas and knowledge for each communication. Welcome to talk to us for fresh ideas!


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