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How To Choose The Control System For A Taxi Led Display?

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There are taxis everywhere, these Taxis have become a necessity in our day-to-day life. As you know, the box of light on the top of the car that has the word “TAXI’ written on it is the sign of the taxi.


These companies have discovered that there is a possibility of earning extra money when they place an advert on the top of their lightbox.


In recent times, the mobile method of advertising has become more and more popular, it can be seen anywhere. Its use for advertisement is wide in food delivery, Uber, taxi companies, and several other places.


If you need taxi Led display for your different advertisements, it is advised you purchase from reliable and dependable manufacturers of the best quality Taxi Led display systems.

 taxi Led display

The ancient old-style method of advertising on the lightbox has remained for a very long period up until the taxi LED display has come to replace it.


1. Why can the Taxi LED display be used to to replace the lightbox?

This replacement can be one as a result of several reasons and this includes the fact that,

The lightbox is limited; it is difficult to change the advert and the advertisement can only be in pictures. On the other hand, the Taxi LED display advertisements can be easily changed anywhere at any time.


Moreover, the Taxi LED monitors can show creative, appealing video commercials that carry the promotional content of the brands as cars drive past significant places at appropriate periods. The perfect place to do advertisements is at the top of the Taxi LED display.


This is because as a new media for adverts and dissemination of information, it does not only offers an advanced level the service for passengers only, but it also provides a huge profit to the operatives.

 taxi Led display

2. How to choose the control system for a taxi LED display?

For now, there are GPS, and Wi-Fi, options of Taxi LED display for you to choose from. If the quantity is less, you can choose the Wi-Fi controller card, so that the cost can be more economical.


However, the disadvantage of this Wi-Fi controller is that you need to be close to the screen if you need the advertisements to be updated.


For large orders, you should select the 4G controller card. This is because all the screen can control through a collection by a cloud platform, it is easier to control them together.


When you choose a 4G controller card, a SIM card that has internet data is needed on the screen so that it will receive your data everywhere, at any time.


An added function for the screen is the GPS, with the GPS controller card, it is easy for you to track your taxi, and fixed-point presentation of your adverts.


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