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P15.625 LED Curtain Display Installed in Russia

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Curtain led display is also called mesh led display, which is a kind of transparent led display for outdoor advertising. It is usually applied in building facade, rooftop, street pole and all kinds of events. Curtain led display is much lighter than traditional outdoor led display. It is also very slim and energy-saving solution for outdoor large led screen.

In July, our Russian partner has finished a project with P15.625 curtain led screen in Moscow. The screen size is 10m wide by 30m height with 300 square meter in total. It is installed on a building facade for outdoor digital advertising. As you know, there is very extreme low temperature in Winter for Moscow. According to this situation, our team employs special and unique power supply solution, which is durable for low-temperature environments.

LED curtain display

From the inquiry, communication, confirmation, production, delivery and installation, HSC LED team always offer the professional and on-time advice and solution for our customers. For this project, customer is new to led display industry. So they have lots of questions for every details. We are devoted to help and solve customer’s questions and doubts.

Key product features:

1. Light and Slim Weight with Integrated Design

LED curtain wall is aluminum cabinet with 15KG/㎡ only. It is 75% lighter than traditional iron cabinet. Integrated design for power supply and controller, the slim thickness is 60mm. Comparing to traditional outdoor led display, led video curtain display has a simple and neat cabinet for simple construction.

2. High Brightness and Transparency

HSC LED supplies SMD and DIP versions for led curtain wall. SMD version could be 6,500nits and DIP version is able for 10,000nits high brightness. It is also 40%-80% high transparency for wind-resistant design.

3. Fast Installation & Easy Maintenance

Simple structure is required with led curtain screen simple and neat cabinet. It makes fast installation with such design and solution. HSC LED curtain wall is front and rear maintenance solution. It is cost and time saving for maintenance.

4. Energy-Saving Technology

LED curtain screen is only 135W/㎡ for average power consumption. HSC LED employs high brightness & high efficiency LED, and high conversion efficiency power supply. It can decrease electricity cost significantly.

5. High Durability & Long Lifespan

With integrated aluminum cabinet design, HSC LED video curtain display is up to 80% heat-dissipation performance. No need extra cooling fans or A/C. LED curtain screen is IP67 protection grade with full glue cover and waterproof rubber ring. It can withstand harsh temperature from -40℃ to 60℃.

6. Different Resolution and Pitches

For the curtain led screen, we offer several pitches for solutions, such as P15.625, P15-31, P20, P25 and P31.25. All of them is same cabinet design and cabinet size with 500*1000mm. So it is compatible to upgrade smaller pitch solution in the future.

P15.625 Curtain LED Display

Welcome to talk to us if you have similar projects. HSC LED team is glad to offer our solution and service.


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