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LED Video Wall DJ Booth

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DJ booth led display is a kind of custom and creative led display, which is generally used for stage backgrounds, events, bars, night club and etc. It is perfect for creative design and solutions. For DJ booth led screen, HSC LED has triangle and cube models for options. They can be custom for lots of creative design and shapes. Custom size is also available.

DJ booth led display

HSC LED, as a creative led display manufacturer in China with 20+ years, is devoted ourselves to develop latest technology for led display. Our focus is for creative led display, such as taxi top led display, digital led poster, flexible led display etc. And DJ booth led display is one of our another popular creative led display since 2016.

LED video wall DJ booth is usually for indoor applications. We already have several pitches, such as 2.5mm, 4mm and 5mm for options. All of them can be custom to creative design and shapes, and also custom sizes. HSC LED is also able for custom shapes according to customer's project request.

LED video wall DJ booth

Key product features:

1. Seamless splicing

Our triangle and cube LED display adopts trapezoidal circuit design. It makes seamless splicing and perfect visual performance with DJ booth led video display. Perfect flatness makes perfect effect with DJ booth led video screen.

2. Creative design and custom size

Triangle and cube shape led display is working for custom solution, such as special shape and sizes. HSC LED makes your ideas into reality with our creative DJ led video screen.

3. Easy control and user-friendly software

Synchronous & asynchronous mode

Live broadcasting & auto-play without PC

DJ booth led display screen can work 24/7 hours

4. Various applications

Triangle and cube led video display is perfect for creative DJ booth, unique events, stages, bars, company logo and etc. It's also perfect for club and stage's lighting effect with DJ booth led video screen.


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