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Precautions for the Purchase of Outdoor LED Display

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Outdoor LED display: It is generally tens of square meters to hundreds of square meters or even larger, with high brightness and large viewing angle. It can work in the sun, and has windproof, rainproof and waterproof functions, mainly used for outdoor advertising, stations, squares, shopping malls and so on.

What precautions should be taken when purchasing an outdoor LED screen?

outdoor LED screen


The outdoor LED display is different from the indoor, and the requirements for the screen are higher. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a screen with a higher resolution and a special coating treatment to achieve the effect of clearly visible screen content and anti-light reflection in sunlight.

Waterproof and dustproof

If the outdoor LED display wants to operate normally, it must first overcome the influence of "rain" and "dust". Outdoor LED display must be equipped with a waterproof and dustproof structure, and the protection level must reach IP65 (that is, completely preventing dust from entering and washing with water without injury). But if it is on the riverside or seaside, you can choose the level of IP66 or IP67.

Temperature control

The normal temperature of the outdoor LED display is -20°~65°. In summer, in addition to the heat from the internal electronic components of the LED, there is also heat from solar radiation. At this time, the LED screen can be dissipated by a fan, or the temperature of the LED screen can be controlled at a suitable temperature by using a heat-dissipating paint.


Outdoor LED screens are generally in public places with a lot of traffic, so safety is also a problem that must be paid attention to. When purchasing an LED display, you can choose to use special tempered laminated glass. When the glass is broken, the fragments will adhere to the middle interlayer, which is not easy to cause safety accidents.

outdoor LED display

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